Thom Polvogt

VP – Houston Sales

Thom Polvogt - Inszone Insurance VP, Houston Sales

Thom Polvogt is the VP of Houston Sales at Inszone Insurance Services, joining Inszone in April 2022 after the merger with Caleb Insurance Group. An insurance veteran, Thom has over four decades of working experience in the insurance industry, with 29 of those years with Nationwide. He has been a member of Nationwide Insurance Independent Contractor Association for over two decades years and is a former president. He is also a member of PIA (Professional Insurance Agents) and a Board member of TIPS (a part of PIA).

Thom is a graduate of Colson Fellows (Covert #4) and has been a part of Colson Fellows – Houston for the past 4 years.  He is a long-time member of Katy’s First Baptist Church and is a Trustee for the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. A graduate of Colorado Christian University (BA) and the University of Colorado (MA).

Thom has been married for more than five decades and has four daughters, 11 grandchildren, and one great grandson. As a 42-year resident of Katy, Thom has been involved with the Fulhire-Katy Chamber of Commerce, the Katy Area Economic Development Council, the Barnabas Group, Katy Rotary Club, Board member of the Katy YMCA, School Board member of Aristoi Classical Academy, Board member of Katy Cares and Center for the Advancement of Reading and English (CARE).

When Thom is not championing one of his numerous causes, he enjoys riding his bicycle and zipping through Katy, Texas on his Honda Gold Wing.


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