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The right insurance solutions for your business

As an all-in-one insurance provider with access to some of the best insurance carriers in the country, Inszone Insurance Services offers specialized insurance products and solutions to meet the specific and varying needs of businesses across many industries. An insurance policy prepared by Inszone is tailored to meet your coverage needs and budget.

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General Liability Insurance

General liability, commonly referred to as GL, protects you and your business from a variety of claims including bodily injury, personal and advertising injury and property damage.  Not only does GL pay settlements in the event you are liable for damages, it may also provide your legal defense.  General Liability coverage is required by most contracts including leases and projects.

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Workers Compensation Insurance

All 50 states have some form of workers compensation law.  In fact, if you have employees and you don’t have workers compensation insurance it may be a misdemeanor violation subject to major fines.  Workers compensation is considered the sole remedy available to employees for work related injuries.  Not only does workers compensation pay medical bills in the event of a work-related injury, it also pays for both short-term and long-term disability.  As an employer, you care about each of your employees.  If an employee is hurt on the job, you want to know that the employee and their family will be cared for.  Inszone has flexible plans to give you that security.

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Inszone Insurance Commercial Auto & Trucking Insurance Page Banner - Truck Fleet

Commercial Auto & Trucking Insurance

Commercial Auto & Trucking Insurance is similar to your personal auto insurance, however there are major differences in the coverage, limits and exclusions.  Did you know that most personal auto policies include a business use exclusion?  Car accidents are perhaps the most common type of injury!  If you or your employees drive regularly or even just run the occasional errand for work, a personal auto policy will likely not cover that accident.   Whether you need to protect a fleet of vehicles and drivers, or one vehicle and driver, Inszone will help keep you on the road and moving forward.

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Inszone Insurance Property Insurance Page Banner - Corporate Man Shaking Hands with Man with Safety Hat

Property Insurance

Properties come in all shapes and sizes, built with many different materials and techniques. Inszone works with its customers, insurance companies and third party estimators to ensure you building is given the right valuation. We understand that properties are exposed to different risks. Whether new or old, in a fire, flood, wind & hail or earthquake zone Inszone has the solution you’re looking for.

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Inszone Insurance Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) Page Banner - Male Van Owner Standing

Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)

Whether your business is big or small, with one employee or many, your business needs to be insured.  Don’t be fooled by thinking that general liability will cover all of your risks.  General Liability is designed to cover third party injury and property damages.  BOP policies are designed to cover not only third-party damages but also your own property such as tenant improvements, inventory, computer systems and more.  In fact, many of the BOP Policies from Inszone cover items you’ve likely never even thought of.  When an unexpected disaster strikes a BOP Policy from Inszone will help you know what to do next.

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Inszone Insurance Commercial Package (Bundle all Lines) Page Banner - Delivery Man Holding a Package While Standing

Commercial Package (Bundle all Lines)

You’re busy managing your business.  Accounting for several insurance policies can be difficult and time consuming. Inszone works with the largest, worldwide insurance companies often times allowing you to package several lines of insurance such as General Liability, Property, Commercial Auto, Workers Compensation, and Umbrella into one easy to manage policy. One policy number, one bill, easy!

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Product Liability Insurance

No matter where you are in the supply chain, manufacturing, packaging, wholesale or retail you could be found liable for a product that caused an injury or property damage.  At minimum you can be sued and dragged into the court room.  Product Liability Insurance is designed to provide legal defense and pay for damages in the event of damages caused by your product.  In fact, options in a Product Liability Policy may even pay the expenses to recall and withdrawal your product before someone else is hurt.

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Inszone Insurance Umbrella and Excess Insurance Page Banner - Male Wearing Corporate Attire Pointing at Transparent Board

Umbrella and Excess Insurance

Sometimes you just need that extra layer of security. Or, that big contact may require higher limits of insurance than your current policies afford. Umbrella and Excess Insurance is designed to sit above the limits of your General Liability, Commercial Auto, Professional Liability, Workers Compensation Insurance and more. You might be surprised to know, because Umbrella and Excess Policies only respond once the limits of your base policy have been exhausted, these policies are more affordable than you might have thought. Go ahead and bid on that big project with confidence!

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Inszone Insurance Management & Professional Liability Insurance (E&O) Page Banner - Business Man Smiling

Management & Professional Liability Insurance (E&O)

Professionals know making a mistake in their recommendations, designs or solutions could be costly to their clients. They also know General Liability insurance is designed to cover direct physical damage, not errors or omissions while providing professional services. As an owner or officer in your company there is nothing to stop a disgruntled customer from not only filling a lawsuit against the business, but also against key employees personally. If you’ve ever managed staff, you’ve likely dealt with a disgruntled employee. Inszone offers businesses a full line of Management and Professional Liability Insurance to protect the business and key employees alike.

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Inszone Insurance Inland Marine – Tools & Equipment (Contractors Equipment) Page Banner - Trucks Moving Storage Containers

Inland Marine – Tools & Equipment (Contractors Equipment)

Did you know, your property insurance likely only affords coverage when the property is at your physical location? If you’re on the move from job to job your tools, equipment and materials are likely not covered if damaged in an accident or stolen. The last thing a customer wants to hear is that the materials for their remodel were just damaged in an auto accident. Or, that the job is delayed because your tools were just stolen from your truck. Whether it’s a large excavator, core drill, flat saw or hand tools, Inszone has the protection you need to keep that job going.

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Inszone Insurance Cyber Liability Page Banner - Cybersecurity Risk

Cyber Liability

When you store customer information, you’re responsible for it. I’m sure you’ve seen it on the evening news, even Fortune 500 companies are subject to data breaches and hackers. If you’ve been “hacked” what happens next? Who is going to pay to notify clients and help them recoup damages? Who is going to defend you if you’re sued? How will you restore lost data and computer systems vital to your business? Inszone offers a variety of both first and third party Cyber Liability Coverage so that you can recover quickly from a cyber-attack.

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Did you know that your property policy may not cover the property of others while in your care, custody or control? That’s right, when you’re hauling a load full of your customers’ property there may be a gap in coverage if lost, stolen or damaged. Cargo policies are designed to protect goods and materials while in transit. Whether the products being shipped are your customers or your own, protect your cargo with Inszone Insurance Services.

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Inszone Insurance Towing and On-Hook Page Banner - Tow Truck Towing a Vehicle

Towing and On-Hook

Towing is risky business! While saving the day, you’re exposed to dangerous conditions. The dangers on the side of the road are just the beginning! You need to be sure you have the right insurance for you and your vehicle as well as your customers’ vehicle behind you. Stay in front with a customized policy from Inszone Insurance Services.

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Inszone Insurance Surety Bonds Page Banner - Two Corporate People Signing on Paper

Surety Bonds

Did you know there more than 50,000 types of Surety Bonds in the US?  How do I know what type of bond I need? Whether the bond is for a State Agency such as the Contractors Board, a Defective Title Bond for the Department of Motor Vehicles or a Performance Bond for a private party, Inszone will make sure you get what you need to fulfill your obligation.

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