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Owning commercial property provides you with a steady source of revenue. With its appreciating value and consistent rental income, the right properties can be the biggest and best investment of your life. You work hard to maintain your properties, providing value for current tenants or future buyers. You need an insurance partner to deliver that same work ethic and quality product.

Property Insurance can do more than just protect your investment when damaged by fire. Business income, sewer back up, ordinance and law, flood, wind/hail and earthquake coverage are just a few examples of common accidents a standard policy doesn’t cover.

Inszone has been a leader in property insurance, for decades we’ve provided our clients with a trusted partner in securing the right coverage to protect their investments. We have dedicated staff who are true experts in delivering the right insurance options to keep your portfolio safe when the unexpected happens.

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Apartment Complex

Owning an apartment complex can be very profitable, but also comes with a variety of unique risks. Your primary concern is keeping your property protected and your rental income flowing. Tenant lawsuits, building damage and loss of rent after an accident can jeopardize your investment income. Connect with Inszone to learn about a wide range of coverage options and help keep your property safe when the unexpected happens.

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Lessors Risk

As a landlord, your property is your livelihood, Lessors Risk or LRO insurance is a necessity for owners of commercial office spaces, warehouses, apartment buildings, retail buildings among others. The right policy will protect your investment against building damage, loss of income and tenant lawsuits. You work hard to keep your buildings as attractive lease options for your current and future tenants.

At Inszone we have maintained a long standing and proven track record with our insurance carriers, giving you access to the best coverage options available in the market today. Connect with our experts today and let us put those relationships to work for you.

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Office Buildings

Whether you lease or sell your office space, you need the right protection for your investment. Protecting your building is a must but so is protecting your rent roll should an accident occur. Many office building owners find themselves handling the expenses alone after an incident, for repairs or lost income while the work is being completed. You can’t trust just any agency to protect your investment, you need an expert.

The property department at Inszone will help you learn which coverage options will keep you protected, even when the worst happens. Connect with us today and let us help you choose the right insurance package for your investment.

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As a warehouse owner, you want to make sure that your building and the items stored inside are protected when an accident happens. Sounds simple, but without the right coverage you could end up with a rude awakening after a claim. The coverage options depend on the structure, the safety precautions and who owns the property being stored.

Connect with Inszone today and work with our team of experts to help customize the right policy for your warehouse.

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Hotels and Motels

As the owner of a hotel or motel, you face a variety of different risks on multiple fronts. Employee injury, damage to property, injuries to your guests and lost income after an accident happens. The right insurance coverage can help mitigate those risks and ensure that your business continues to thrive even when the unexpected happens.

With access to custom programs, Inszone can help you choose the right coverage to keep your operation and your investment safe. Connect with us today.

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Condominium and Home Owners Associations

Condo and HOA insurance covers all the public/common areas of a property or development, and accidents can happen frequently. Injuries and property damage claims regardless of your negligence can lead to mounting legal fees in defense. Connect with Inszone today and let our experienced staff help you to choose the right coverage options to protect your association when the worst happens.

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If you’re in the hospitality industry, you work hard to ensure your customers are satisfied. Whether you own a restaurant, resort or a casino creating an experience that leads to repeat visits is the goal. Our goal at Inszone is to simplify complex insurance solutions to ensure you can focus on your business instead of worrying about your coverage. Let our experts help you choose the right options at an affordable price.

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