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If you own a garage business you frequently house and handle your customer’s vehicles. Repair shops, body shops, dealerships, smog shops and service stations (to name a few) all pose a variety of unique risks. Your standard policy does not provide coverage for the vehicles in your shop or while out on a test drive. Call Inszone today to help create a custom policy to protect your business, your customer’s property, your employees and your own equipment.

Service Stations and Mechanics

As a mechanic or service station owner your goal is to get your customers back on the road as soon as possible, ensuring they are satisfied with your work. However, you also need to ensure that your business is protected from day to day risks, including damage to your customers property, injury to your employees or customers as well as faulty work on one of your customers vehicles. Here at Inszone we can help you get the right coverage that will allow you to keep your customers happy and your business protected.

Auto Body and Paint

It’s no easy task to repair damaged vehicles and bring them back to showroom condition. Whether it’s a simple touch up or major repairs, you need to make sure you’re covered from the unexpected. Injuries in your shop and damage to your customer’s property can keep you up at night. Leave it to Inszone to help package the right policy to protect your operation should an accident happen.

Car Washes

Whether it’s automated, hand wash or a combination of both Inszone can help make sure you’re covered. Equipment breakdown, injuries and damage to your customer’s property can cripple a business. Power outages over the weekend can ruin an otherwise lucrative month. It just takes one car crash into a power pole on your street to cost your company thousands. Protect your business, your income, and your customer’s property with customized insurance offerings from Inszone.

Gas Stations

Aside from the usual risks of injured customers, injured employees or damage to property, gas stations also have a significant fire hazard and pose a unique risk when it comes to pollution. Remediation and clean-up costs can be ongoing and far-reaching in the event of a small spill. Here at Inszone, we’ll help you create a policy that provides robust coverage for when an accident happens. Protect your business, protect your income and keep your operation running should an accident happen.

Auto & Truck Dealerships

For car dealers, there’s a variety of unique risks to face day in and day out. Employee injuries, customer injuries, damage to their property and damage to your inventory. One wreck on a test drive not only leaves you with a damaged vehicle but also responsible for any injuries or damages to a 3rd party. Protect your operation and your property with a custom insurance program through Inszone.

Mobile Mechanics

You are used to being on the go, and ready to go with your work truck filled with all the tools of the trade. It just takes a simple mistake to lose it all in the blink of an eye. Theft, collisions and injuries….when your vehicle is your office, an accident can do a number on your business. Protect yourself, your equipment and your income with a customized insurance program through Inszone.

Equipment Dealers

Equipment dealers face a variety of risks in their everyday operation. The right insurance coverage can help protect heavy equipment you invest in and sell, as well as keep your employees safe in the event of an accident. The right insurance coverage will also keep your property safe and in some cases, cover income loss. Let Inszone Insurance help protect your business with specialized coverage and custom programs to mitigate the risk.

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