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Save money when you get the right classic car insurance

Collecting classic cars is not a cheap hobby. From upgrades to maintenance, it is a continuous expense. But everything is worth it when you are doing what you love best. And you want to protect what you love, this is why having the right insurance coverage is key to keep your classic car safe and your mind at ease.

Having the right classic car insurance is better and more cost-effective than enrolling them on a normal auto insurance policy. So, if you want to save money while keeping your most favorite collections safe, get the right classic car insurance today.

Why Inszone classic car insurance?

Here are the reasons why Inszone is the best partner in protecting your most coveted classic cars:

  • Classic cars come in different shapes, sizes, brands, and types, and whatever type of classic car you have, we have coverage options that will meet your needs.
  • Customizing your insurance policy to meet your requirements is one of our specialties, with us you can be flexible in choosing the right insurance for your classic car.
  • We have licensed agents who are very knowledgeable and well-experienced. They will assist you step-by-step in the whole process.
  • You can save more money with our affordable classic car insurance packages when you compare and choose from our carriers.
  • Our insurance process is very easy and hassle-free.

Benefits of having a classic car insurance

Unlike the typical auto insurance plan, classic car insurance has a variety of additional benefits and rewards that are specific for a classic car. Here are some of them:

  • Your collector car is actually valued at its actual price, meaning, replacement cost minus depreciation. So if your classic car got damaged or was involved in an accident, your insurance will reimburse you of its actual cash value.
  • If you lose a collectible classic car, your insurance will reimburse for the total value of that car in the market.
  • As time goes by, the value of a collectible or classic car continue to increase, especially if they are well-taken cared of or well-restored. This means a higher value to be protected by your insurance.
  • There are different types of collectible and classic car insurance out there. Whether it is antique, replicas, modified, etc., there is an appropriate insurance for that and we can help you find the right one.
  • If someone is injured while your car is being featured, your insurance will cover the medical bills depending on the coverage.
  • Your insurance will also cover any damages during car show or exhibition where you are not present.
  • You can also insure spare parts of your classic car. They will be replaced or repaired once lost or damaged.

Insure and protect your classic car.

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