Leo Simental

Personal Sales Team Manager

Leo Simental - Inszone Insurance Training Specialist

Leonel Simental is a Personal Sales Team Manager at Inszone Insurance Services. As he entered the industry in 2011, Leo knew that insurance expertise was critical in delivering a high level of service to his clients. He worked diligently to master the concepts and afterwards found he was able to bring a unique value to each interaction by utilizing that knowledge to provide solutions to even the most complex scenarios. Leo quickly grew his customer base and to this day continues to impress with his knowledge, consistency and care for each and every one of his clients.

With Inszone since 2015, Leo has won multiple awards and has been integral in the growth of the Personal Lines Division. If you’re looking to improve your insurance situation for home, auto or other personal policies, Leo is the first and only call you will need to make.

Outside of the office, Leonel enjoys spending quality time with his wonderful family, hiking and staying active.


5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 52 reviews)
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27 March, 2024

It was simple. Leo was easy to talk to and he explained everything. I am happy as I can be with the interaction. Leo thank you.


Kymberly Cannon

25 January, 2024

Thanks Leo you are the Best!


Stacey Jackson

17 January, 2024

Leo was absolutely a 5 star. He helped me our alot, answered all my questions and most of all had patience. He is a great example how you should treat your customer. I will stay with inzone as long as Leo is there.



11 January, 2024

Leo was very professional, great! Customer services , patience ,very nice, can be in this business a long time if he keep up his good customer service.. I will highly recommend him.


Aimee summer

5 October, 2023

Leo was very nice I was planning on canceling but he made the transfer easy , glad I didn’t sign up with triple A .

Excellent service , he listen , asked questions and more

Thanks Leo


Alexander Westbrook

3 February, 2022

Leo was incredibly helpful, considerate and responsive. Very thorough in helping me identify the best insurance option for me.


Nathaneal Norton

23 November, 2021

Leo has always been great to work with and quick to respond. He is one of the reasons I stay with Inszone for my insurance broker.

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Michele Salazar

16 November, 2021

Best insurance agent ever ! Been with him for many years , and always so quick to respond with anything and everything !

Mercury insurance

Merrellene Hodoh

8 October, 2021

I have always received great service from Inszone Ins. Leo is consistently prompt, knowledgeable, professional and puts a smile on my face when I know that I will be doing business with him. Thank you Leo!




22 September, 2021

Leo is awesome!!! He was able to assist me in getting my policy updated to a new state in a single business day. I will be coming back to Leo anytime I need policy adjustments. THANK YOU LEO!


Josefina Rosales

31 August, 2021

Leo is ABSOLUTELY one of the BEST!! We have all of our personal lines (home, cars, rental) of insurance with I-ZONE and Leo has been the one that has taken care of us since the beginning (several years now). He is just an AWESOME individual to work with. I truly appreciate his DILIGENCE. Thank you and for the work that you do!

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Alan Wise

11 August, 2021

Leo provided me with fast, friendly and knowledgeable service insuring my vehicle.


Sarah Guzman

3 June, 2021

Leo is simply the best to work with. Super polite, friendly and professional. I recommend him to everyone I know!

Sarah Guzman


14 May, 2021

Leo understood what I needed and tool care of it. Leo while being professional is also very caring and made the experience very easy for me.


Joseph Meader

6 May, 2021

He’s allways helped me wen I needed it and explained it wen I needed it that’s why I’m still here the service he’s gave me


Tihomir Mladenovic

16 March, 2021

Leo was very helpful in putting together a new policy for me, quickly and fairly. Very well done! Would recommend again!



26 February, 2021

Leo is terrific and very helpful. He was able to take care of me in under an hour. I appreciate his assistance!



5 December, 2020

I’ve been doing business with Leo for years now. He is always professional, courteous, knowledgeable, fast, and dependable. Every transaction has been smooth an easy. I would highly recommend his services.


Deb Hamilton

14 November, 2020

Leo was fast and very helpful when we need coverage in a very short amount of time…thank you Leo first all your help

Tye and Debi Hamilton

TbarH Ranch

Tracie Kling

25 August, 2020

I called Inszone agency that handles my policy with Kenper 6 months ago to cancel my policy. I didn’t realize money was still being taken out of my account so I called Kemper insurance and spent 53 minutes with 3 different people to finally speak with Aaron, who is on the management team with Kemper Insurance. He told me that unless Inszone can provide a signed form I wouldn’t be credited for this entire time. I called Inszone and immediately asked to speak with a manager and Leo returned the call. After 15 minutes, he was able to contact the employee I initially spoke with 6 months ago and resolved my problem. I was so upset, frustrated, worried and in tears and Leo handled the situation perfectly! He listened as I expressed my frustrations (cry) and reminded me not to give up. His positive words and tone calmed my nerves down and gave me hope. He actually cared. He went above and beyond and tracked down the paperwork needed. Leo not only saved me the $600+ dollars, more importantly he reinstated the lost faith i have in companies; especially insurance companies. I am very satisfied with Inszone for having such a great employee like Leo Simental. Without him being patient, understanding, empathetic to my situation and his work ethics, I’d be out of 600+ dollars. Thank you Leo 🙏🏻

Tracie Kling


23 July, 2020

I purchased renters insurance from Leo and it was a great experience. He was very informative an patient with all my questions and found me the best deal. I will definitely work with him again and refer him to others.



2 March, 2020

He explains all my policies with ease!

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Cynthia Antar

7 January, 2020

I have been with Mercury insurance for several years and their customer service has been fine. However, when I started working with Leonel it felt like a major customer service upgrade. Leo is absolutely wonderful to work with, he is a person of high integrity, is very knowledgeable and professional. Leo sincerely cares about his clients and it shows!


Lauren McCutcheon

6 January, 2020

I came to Inszone searching for help to find the best auto policy for my circumstances, and Leo was the person to make that happen. He was able to answer all of my questions thoroughly and in a timely manner. He worked with me on my concerns and had an overall accommodating and understanding demeanor. I look forward to working with him in the future!


Karen Dennis

4 January, 2020

I can always contact him and he is able to take the time and answer all my questions without me feelings rushed. I appreciate the time he spends making me feel comfortable with my choices. Thank you Leo!


Cristina Delrosario

17 December, 2019

He help in way to save money in my insurance!


Jazmin Bains

13 December, 2019

I had a great experience working with Leo! He made everything so easy and simple! And he was always there to answer all my questions no matter how many times I called him in a day 😹 but overall I am satisfying with his service! Thank you very much!


Gareth Gunner

4 December, 2019

I’ve been working with Leonel for a couple years now and I wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s by far the best insurance agent I’ve ever dealt with. He’s always professional, honest, knowledgeable, helpful, and always goes the extra mile. Not to mention he always finds the best deals.


Cinthia Romero

5 November, 2019

Leo has made getting insurance as simple as can be! I am so satisfied with his work. I have made changes to my policy and I never have to worry. He is prompt and very knowledgeable. I seek his advise before making any changes because he has earned my trust and life time business! Thank you Leo for making my experience excellent!


Karen Moreno

27 September, 2019

I get renters insurance from Leo for about 3 years now and I love how he always sends me reminds when it’s time to renew it and he makes it so easy to do so.


Clarissa Smith

27 September, 2019

Leo is the best, thank you for everything always!


Maria Gutiérrez

20 September, 2019

Always received good and friendly service.

Maria Gutiérrez

Jim Cadorin

12 September, 2019

I have multiple insurance policies with inzone and there overall service is very good. Leo is very competent and takes care of all the policy changes and lender inquiries as well as shopping for better rates.


Geniva Jacky

30 August, 2019

Leo has been our agent with our auto/renter’s insurance for 2 years. When obtaining the coverage he explained coverage in detail and it changed our focus from strictly price, to coverage and price. Sound advice, highly recommended.


Jerad Fowler

21 August, 2019

Leo helped me get a homeowner’s policy while I was in the process of buying my house. He got it quickly and the coverage was great. I highly recommend Leo’s prompt and friendly service.


Sarah Lopez

9 August, 2019

Great customer service!!! So easy to reach and always happy to help with questions. Super great agent.


Maria N Lucio

8 August, 2019

Leonel, please forward this e-mail to your manager/boss/office manager, to whom it may concern, you been absolutely great help to us, not just by providing the information being requested, but going the extra mile, like explaining to us the entire process, answering concerns, answering e-mails, above all, your patience with us, I call it VIRTUE, which its hard to find in this digital world of us.



31 July, 2019

Not bad, overall. I got my car insured in a one hour phone call and that was nice. Still it felt like he was rushing me and not giving me time to read and understand the forms.


Bryan Granados

30 July, 2019

I’d like to take my time and say a big thank you to Leo for my experience on how easy it was to get insurance. Leo was on top of everything, and I can tell how knowledgeable he is in this field. He was able to answer all my questions, without no hesitation. (He answered every question that I had with detail) I would VERY highly recommend Inszone for its great coverage and customer service. Also, I would recommend asking for Leo! Again, thank you, I will definitely be recommending my friends and family over to him. 5 stars for Inszone!


Katie Resch

30 July, 2019

I’ve worked with Leo multiple times regarding my policies and he always makes everything so easy and pleasant. He is quick and efficient with the work but also takes the time to chat and take an interest in how you’re doing. Thanks Leo!


Nicole Castillo

16 June, 2019

Leo was always available to answer any question. He even suggested that I purchase renters insurance. He has been extremely helpful in the transition from one policy to my own. Pricing was competitive and best of all Leo wasn’t coming off as a pushy sales person. He gave me space and time to price out other companies that he was unable to price out.



14 June, 2019

Leo was very professional when I was looking for insurance for my new Jeep. He helped me and guided me through the different options. I am thankful he was honest and looked out for my best interest. Thank you Leo and company.



22 May, 2019

Leo insured me in a simple phone call. My experience was fast, easy, and problem free.


Duane Stigen

8 May, 2019

I just want to give a shout out to Leo at inszone insurance for making our insurance needs both convenient and affordable. Leo made constant changes to our policy at my request and despite my frustrations at times Leo was the constant professional while walking me through and explaining the situations. Leo even took time to look for new and more affordable policies as well as keep his word making follow up calls to let us know when the policy was about to expire.

I would recommend Inszone Insurance and Leo to anyone looking for a good affordable, convenient insurance. Great service. Thank you!


Tom & Nancy Wakechild

7 March, 2019

As usual, we have had a good experience with Inzone Insurance for coverage on homes and autos in the last 3 years. When we moved to Yucca Valley 3 years ago, your company was recommended to us by family members who are also pleased with you services. Thank you again to your excellent staff especially Leo who has been so helpful that I do remember him.


Merrellene Hodoh

6 March, 2019

Wonderful experience. It was very easy to add an auto to our policy. I loved being able to send Leo a message with the majority of the information. He promptly responded to my request with a phone call and we were able to finalize the transaction immediately. Also love being able to do everything on line with ease.


Dean Pearson

28 February, 2019

My insurance had lapsed because I had an illness and needed treatment. Leo was very helpful and found me a policy that was less expensive. I am very grateful.


James Bockmon

28 February, 2019

Leo was very helpful and got me all set up with insurance that I liked with ease.


Josefina Rosales

20 October, 2018

We began our plumbing company back in 2014 and from the get-go Zack has been an valuable asset for us. He takes care of our General Liability and Worker’s Comp policies. He is AWESOME! He has always been diligent in shopping the market to get the best rates. I truly appreciate the fact that he is ALWAYS there to answer my questions. No matter what the request has been, Zack has never failed to give me a response. I also want to thank Amanda Amoore. Every single time I have needed a COI (some even like NOW), she has ALWAYS pulled through and not failed me.

Thank you both (Zack & Amanda). I love working with you two. I totally appreciate that you two make my workload a lot less with your professionalism, excellent customer service, and overall GREAT attitude in every situation where I have had a need.

American Plumbing Solutions Inc.

Tricia Ingle

24 September, 2018

Leo is always a big help ! He is attentive, helpful and friendly. Whenever I email him an inquiry – he is prompt to respond and with clear helpful information. I thank you for all your help Leo! Keep up the good work!


Michele Salazar

13 February, 2018

Leo is the best producer ever ! Every time I contact him, he gets me the answers I need right away. He gets back to me within the same day and less than an hour ! He gives the best business and he will continue to be my insurance guy forever!!!!


Randy L Rodriguez

13 February, 2018

I’d like to thank you for your continued assistance with my insurance needs. I’ve been with your company quite a while and have had different agents throughout that time. Leo Simental has by far been the most helpful and professional agent yet. I hope you know what an asset he is. Thank you and have a blessed day.

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