Akilino Jacky

Commercial Sales Team Manager

Akilino Jacky - Inszone Insurance Senior Commercial Insurance Specialist

Akilino Jacky, also known as “Ak”, is a Commercial Sales Team Manager at Inszone Insurance Services. He joined Inszone Insurance in 2014 in the accounting department and has grown and developed with the company. In his current role, he enjoys helping contractors, at various stages of their careers, understand how to protect their business that they worked so hard to build.


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John A. Martinez

13 December, 2023

Akilino, without hesitation, volunteered to fill out a 3-page form sent to me for our annual Workman’s Compensation audit. I let Akilino know, in no uncertain terms, that the 11 papers I sent to the auditors was complete and that all they had to do was transpose the data from those pages onto their form, which they were insisting I needed to do, myself. I was not happy about the fact that they were too lazy to transpose the data onto their own form, themselves. I guess it mattered little to them that I took a fair amount of time collecting and assembling the 11 pages of data I sent them weeks ago.

Akilino, who Immediately understood my reasons for expressing negative thoughts about what the auditors were asking me to, said he’d be happy to transpose the data from my 11 pages, onto the auditor’s3-page form. Akilino clearly did this to relieve me of the burden of having to waste another minute of time doing something that the auditors should be “automatically” doing for any customer who’s taken the time to prepare as detailed a report, as I did for the 11/02/22 – 11/02/23 term, requested.

Thanks, again Akilino, for your continuing and excellent support.

Best Priced Moving and Storage Co. Inc.

Davina Gray

8 May, 2023

It’s been a while since I had the pleasure of working with him on a bid for a job. We’re working on one now and he ALWAYS make the insurance part easy, fast, and no stress. He’s Fun to talk to as well. Great guy who works hard for his clients!!

W. John Gray Construction

Kris Griffing

13 January, 2023

Akilino has been our Insurance Rep since Grade Break opened it’s doors 3 years ago. He has provided professional and quick services throughout our growth and constant change in needs. Highly recommended for all of your insurance needs.

Grade Break General Engineering Inc.


29 November, 2022

Monika and Akilino are awesome, always prompt to help and solve our problems!!! Love this agency 🙂

SSB Homes


28 November, 2022

Excellent service

Arsa construction

William Bucaroff

24 October, 2022

Best service hands down. Every time I have a question or concern about my policies, they are on top of it that same day. Will be using this company for a very long time!

Tropical Pool Service

Dominic Luciani

17 October, 2022

Always prompt, helpful and courteous !!



10 October, 2022

Excellent service.

A-1 Electrical Contractor Inc.

Rod Finney

3 August, 2022

Excellent service, prompt responses, positive outlook, clear explanations, pressuerless service, timely responses & service. Very happy with his service!


Raylean Bravo

2 August, 2022

Akilino is and has been very responsive. He is attentive with every phone call and email. I appreciate how timely Alkilino and his colleagues are when finding us the best policy plans for our business.

Bravo Patio Cover

Noe Pineda

15 March, 2022

I have bee using Inszone Insurance for a few years now for my business and personal insurance. They take care of all my needs in a friendly and timely manner. I am satisfied and will recommend to anyone. I normally deal with Jacky, he is great.

Live Action Plumbing

Kathy Edwards

30 December, 2021

Followed through with our requests. Courtesy, and professional.

Rimshot Demolition Inc

Joshua Steinhauer

2 December, 2021

Akilino has been with us from day one, he is outgoing and always doing his best to make sure all of our insurance needs are met, thanks to him we have one less thing to worry about and Can really focus on the day-to-day operations of our business.

Major League Painting

Davina Gray

25 July, 2021

Absolutely, THE BEST agent to work with!!! He’s more like a partner than an agent. Interested, concerned and has great follow thru. Can’t say enough about him!

W. John Gray Construction

Johnny Choi

8 July, 2021

great service..great agent!!

5 stars!



7 July, 2021

Since I started my company, I have been working with Akilino. He provides great customer service taking care of my insurance policies in a fast, efficient, and helpful way.


David Le

19 May, 2021

Very good service

A1 landscaping

Michael Nieves

15 April, 2021

Since 2018 Akilino has been taking care of my insurance policies, His dedication to find the right policy and to get of hold of me is bar none.

Nieves Tree Service

Marcus Tellechea

6 April, 2021

since the beginning of my company for years ago Akilino has been there every step of the way with great service and prompt service I couldn’t ask for anything more great guy knows his stuff !I’m very pleased with his kind Attitude and fast service ! super Happy

Tellechea Tile


6 April, 2021

akilino has been a tremendous help since I started my business four years ago always provides me with great service and prompt service I couldn’t ask for anything more I tell him every time I talk to him that I appreciate his help!



25 March, 2021

Working with Akilino is always a great experience. Very prompt and helpful, I never have to worry about anything.

Sprig & Spring

VeroniKa Aguirre

26 February, 2021

I really like how Akilino goes above and beyond to help in every way he can. For every question I have he has an answer, for a second I thought I was talking to the CEO :)he cares for our needs and takes his job very serious he’s awesome and I always tell him (he’s a life saver) he makes my concerns his personal concerns and tries everything in his power to help and make it work.


Thank you Akilino!!!!!!!!!!!!

VeroniKa Aguirre

Ci Construction

Jim Eubanks

25 January, 2021

Akilino was wonderful in setting up the right professional insurance coverage for my business. He quickly located a coverage that would fit my needs and I was able to apply online. I will continue to be a customer of Inszone insurance.

Ezgo Environment Services

Mario Yanez

19 November, 2020

Akilino has made my insurance needs fast and easy to obtain. He’s been very helpful and knowledgeable, thank you and keep up the amazing work.

Mario A. Yañez Constuction inc.

Diego Ibarra

10 November, 2020

Akelino has made the insurance process for my business easy from day one!

He knows his job well and is quick to find solutions for items I need.

Highly recommend this gentleman.

Ibarra Construction

Gregory Dowd

10 November, 2020

Inszone insurance has been providing my company with all our insurance needs for the past 3 years. Alkilino is the best! He is always on top of things. When renewal is coming up he starts looking for better rates for our company usually 2 months before the existing policy expires. He never waits till the last minute. I get lots of calls from other insurance brokers looking for my business but I have never considered switching brokers, that’s how happy I am with Akilino and Inszone.

Dowd Precision Grading

Diego Ibarra

10 November, 2020

I can’t say enough great things about this gentleman, every time I’m in need of a insurance service or need to adapt the services to what os needed Akelino pulls through every time! The man is clutch!

I highly recommend him for any insurance needs, he know his work well and goes the extra mile to find solutions.

Ibarra Construction

Richard Murtaugh

3 November, 2020

Inszone Insurance has been there for me for at least 6-7 years. Akilino Jacky has been there every moment my insurance needed to change or increase liability. I appreciate all the information and opportunities that I was able to select. Thanks for your great work and patience.

Murtaugh Electric

John Staffero

17 October, 2020

Akilino is awesome. when there is something the company needs he has the answer and is reliable. I strongly recommend Akilino for commercial Insurance.


John Staffero

17 October, 2020

Akilino is awesome, I have been with Inszone for 4 years and he is the guy to go to for commercial insurance, if there is any questions he is always there and reliable. Strongly recommend Akilino.

Staffero Mechanical, Inc.

John Staffero

17 October, 2020

Akilino is absolutely awesome, great person to deal with and always there to help get things done. Strongly recommend him for commercial Insurance.

Staffero Mechanical, Inc.

Wendy Orozco

14 October, 2020

Akilino and his team are absolutely phenomenal. They are always there to help you and provide you with the best insurance needs.

We have worked with Akilino since we started our business and until now he has provided us with the best.

Great job and communication skills, hands down!

Roberto's Concrete


14 September, 2020

Akilino always give us such a positive experience and phenomenal customer service. Thanks for always taking care of insurance needs. Keep up the good work!

L'acqua Smart, LLC


11 September, 2020

Just wanted to take the time an acknowlegde the great work Akilino has done in finding and proving all my business insurance needs.

Thanks Akilino

Electrical Work Services

Brian Jones

23 August, 2020

Akilino has been an absolute pleasure to work with when it comes to commercial insurance coverage for my small business. His work ethic and communication skills have a very personal feel about them. Almost as if it was “my family” whom I’m doing business with. Appreciate all you do Akilino!!!

Integrative Interiors

David Vargo

23 August, 2020

Akilino is hands down, The Best insurance representative I’ve ever worked with! Thank You Aki for taking good care of me over the last 6 years!!

Vargo Excavation

Shanon St. Clair

15 August, 2020

I started my business a little over a year ago and to be quite honest I was rather intimidated about insurances. Akilino Jackey made my insurance worries disappear with his professional candor and experience. Regardless of the situation or question I might have Akilino always answers my questions and continues to encourage me to call for any question regardless of how ridiculous I might think the question is. In this day and age it’s a relief to have somebody like Akilino on my team who continues to encourage and lift me up with his knowledge and professionalism. Thank you Akilino.

St. Clair construction

Linda Scalia

28 July, 2020

I represent Robert & Lisa Ahlke. I have been working with them for 35 years. While taking care of all the insurances for both companies and personal needs for Robert and Lisa I found it very difficult, overly time-consuming and very frustrating. After dealing with Akilino for CS worker’s comp insurance we decided to give him all our insurance business. It has been the best decision we have ever made. Akilino and his colleagues have been there 100% plus. I used to hate to deal with anything insurance for the Ahlkes’ over the years. Now I just call Akilino. He is wonderful!!

Coastal Staging & R M Ahlke Company

Davina Gray

30 May, 2020

He is AWESOME!!! He worked thru all the questions and paperwork required to get a bond.,had great communication and kept me informed thru the entire process. Many thanks, looking forward to the next project!

W. John Gray Construction

Davina Gray

11 April, 2020

Akilino is fun to talk to and works VERY hard to get the job done. THANK YOU AKILINO!!!

W. John Gray Construction

Teresa Gregory

6 January, 2020

We have been with Inszone for years and have had the best experience with this insurance and these people no matter whom I speak with they are are very professional courteous and kind.

King Oil Tool Inc

Joe Albertazzi

11 October, 2019

Great response, super fast email response, positive energy. Great mind.

Albertazzi Construction Inc


3 October, 2019

Akilino is very helpful, I like working with him he answers all my questions and explains everything with detail.

Always on top of his game.

CI Construction inc.


13 September, 2019

Akilino, thank you for your super quick and excellent service! You are a professional, attentive to details, and have your customer’s interest in mind. Thanks for your great customer service. Keep up the good work!

Pure Complex Builders


28 August, 2019

Fast service, thank for stick with me pain in the as customer.

True power

Robin Goethals

13 August, 2019

Akilino is superior. He stays on top of things and is always there to answer any questions or concerns I have. He has given me great customer service and is always very polite & always has a smile on his face. I previously have done customer service for 20 years, so I know what to expect. Akilino goes above & beyond to give great service.

Goethals Electric

Frank Miller

25 July, 2019

Akilino is the best ! Super helpful makes everything easy easy easy! I feel like we’re friends and always look forward to speaking with him !

CFM Chef Services Inc.

Bob Borck

19 July, 2019

He answered my questions. Excellent!

Humboldt Home

Sukhveer Singh

30 April, 2019

Great, very convenient and helpful. Akilino is a very good person!

A-1 Electrical Contractor Inc.

Kenneth Van Houten

30 March, 2019

Inszone Insurance Services has been the best insurance agency I’ve ever worked with. My agent, Akilino, has gone above and beyond all of my expectations for an agent and is ALWAYS available and PROMPT to answer any questions and/or take care of all of my business insurance documentation needs.

I use Inszone Insurance Services for my General Liability, Workers Compensation and Commercial Automobile policies and I highly recommend using them and am especially happy to have Akilino as my insurance agent!

Paint Pros Napa Valley, Inc.

Guillermo Figueroa

28 February, 2019

Akilino is the best. He always answers the phone and my questions. He works really hard!

Goldenhill Landscape

Robin Goethals

22 January, 2019

Akilino was very helpful. He was very understanding in our needs and was able to walk me through with everything we needed. It was fast and painless. I definitely would recommend his service & company.

Goethals Electric

Jason Cardoza

9 January, 2019

Akilino’s service is excellent and he goes above and beyond to get what you need done. 10 out of 10!

Big Bay Plastering Inc.


21 November, 2018

Great service and very helpful when we are very busy. Akilino takes care of us 100%!

Stainless Aesthetics Inc.

Jorge Gomez

22 May, 2018

Akilino is a good person and has helped me in everything that I need. Good agent!

Kaludia Builders Inc.

Anna Warren

11 April, 2018

Akilino has been the best thing that has happened to my business. He had helped me with many different types of policies. I have come to learn that I can expect that whatever my concern, he’s going to do his best to find the best solution possible.

Burly Girl Electric

Brad Garrett

28 March, 2018

Couldn’t have figured this out without you, Akilino. Big big help and had me feeling comfortable the whole way through.

Garrett Finish Interiors

Katie Wilkinson

28 March, 2018

I just want to give a shout out to Akilino for helping me through the process of obtaining worker’s compensation! We are a newer business and this is our first time needing worker’s compensation. Akilino explained everything in layman’s terms so I could learn and understand this process. He has made it so easy and stress-free! He is very timely in responses and very personable. I recommend him and Inszone for any business insurance needs!

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