Sun Choe

Senior Commercial Lines Account Manager

Sun Choe - Inszone Insurance Senior Commercial Lines Account Manager

Sun Choe is a Senior Commercial Lines Account Manager with Inszone Insurance Services. While pursuing her bachelor’s degree at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) in 1999, Sun entered the insurance industry with a part-time career as a life insurance agent. After graduation, Sun pursued a career in the Korean film industry for several years but returned to practice insurance in 2007.

Sun began a full-time career in insurance as a Worker’s Compensation Specialist, overseeing complicated audit and resolving experience modification disputes. After joining Golden Ocean Insurance Center, Sun practiced accounting and writing commercial lines insurance. As of November 2020, Sun is WCIRB CompEssentials Certified.

Sun joined Inszone in December 2020 after the merger with her previous company, Golden Ocean Insurance Center.

In her leisure, Sun enjoys swimming, travelling, and snowboarding with her husband and daughter.


5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 143 reviews)
Very good1%

Tac young Kim

27 March, 2024

Great service!

Poway Cleaners

John Kim

14 March, 2024

Excellent service

Seal Beach Cleaners


5 March, 2024

Provided precise and timely response to my insurance inquiries.


Kil kwak

4 March, 2024

Always best service provide Thanks

New leaf cleaners

Phillip Kim

23 January, 2024

신속하고 정확한 서비스를 제공해 주셔서 회사운영에 많은 도움이 되며 서비스에 항상 만족합니다. 보험이 필요한 모든 사람들에게 강력히 추천합니다.

English Translation:

Providing quick and accurate service is of great help to the company’s operations, and I am always satisfied with the service. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs insurance.

Pacific TBS Inc

Charles Yi

17 January, 2024

I’ve been a customer for years, and am always impressed with Sun’s dedication in providing prompt responses and best services possible. Thank you for going above and beyond to assist.

JU MA Security

Jae Bang

3 January, 2024

Always helpful and prompt in responses. Great representative!

Bl Tex Inc

Mu kim

3 November, 2023

항상 최상의 서비스를 받고 있어 감사 합니다


Thank you for always receiving the best service.

Coast maint. Inc

Chris Park

26 October, 2023

“She is very kind and handles tasks very quickly and accurately.”

RANCHO cleaner

Lucia Park

26 October, 2023

She is very prompt and helpful!


Seoung Choi

25 October, 2023

Thank you for your kind explanation and help.

K2 jewelry

Sung Kim

6 October, 2023

Sun has been extremely helpful with our family’s business. My parents does not speak good english and we always have hard time getting stuff done due to language barrier but Sun provided all the information in Korean which made the process very easy.

Highly recommend her to anyone!

Thanks Sun!!

Crown Cleaners

Hyun Kim

22 September, 2023

I always thank you for your responses which are prompt and accurate.

Thank you again.

Green And Fresh Cleaners

Shannon Strong

14 August, 2023

good communication and follow up

Cleaner Image Inc.

C De Leon

10 August, 2023

She is very prompt , knowledgeable on all aspect of insurance services and always provide good recommendation.

Very professional. Your the best.

SC Poke Inc- Poke Me

Myrna Han

1 August, 2023

She is very efficient and cost effective at what she recommends. Always reachable and knowledgeable to answer any concerns.

LA Verne Towne Center cleaners

Phillip Kim

13 July, 2023

친절하고 신속한 서비스에 만족합니다.


I am satisfied with the friendly and prompt service.

Pacific TBS Inc

Teresa Kim

12 July, 2023

Always prompt and courteous with requests. Thank you so much.

Laservision World Inc

Anna Kim

10 July, 2023

She performed my inquiry with quick and accurate service. Well done. Thank you for your cooperation.

Hanmi bank

jung w choi

16 June, 2023

꼭 필요한 부분을 차분하게 잘 도와 주셔서 감사 드립니다


Thank you for helping me calmly with the necessary parts.

Royal Western CC

Sonya Reyes Khachatryan

13 June, 2023

Sun Choe is a very knowledgeable agent. Sun is very responsive and professional.

Zenith Insurance

Mike Salas

30 March, 2023


Thank you so much

Hanmi security

Sunsip Jeong

29 March, 2023

She kniws what is good for client.

Regene Acupuncture Herb Clinic

Phillip Kim

29 March, 2023

Sun 씨의 신속, 정확하고 전문적인 뛰어난 서비스에 만족합니다.


I am satisfied with Sun’s excellent service, prompt, accurate and professional.

Pacific TBS Inc

Denise Williams

21 March, 2023

Sun is very professional and I appreciate her patience.

Amwins Access Insurance Services Inc.

Soontaek kim

13 February, 2023

Very fast,excellent.


Tina Hong

13 January, 2023

Excellent Works

Canada Cleaners

Seung Tae

5 January, 2023

She explains in detail.

Fullerton Smog Center

Tae Jin Oh

8 December, 2022

Thank you for your prompt response to our request and diligent follow-up.

And thank you for an excellent customer service.

Bank of Hope

Jimmy Lee

28 November, 2022

Any kind of question she handles immediately well.

Beside she does pick up the phone quickly that satisfy me .

She does solve any problem.

Beverly Bistro Inc

JaeYoon Suh

17 November, 2022

Thank you for your excellent work.

Su always gives excellent customer service.

Bank of Hope.


1 November, 2022

Sun is so professional

sae han travel & tours inc

Inszone Submission Desk

19 September, 2022

We are grateful for all the assistance from Ms.Sun Choe for Echo and Binds Purposes.

Echo and Binds Process


14 September, 2022

Sun, was positive and easy to work with. Everything was smooth and easy. Thank you so much for help!

C & S Fashions, Inc.

Denise Williams

13 September, 2022

Sun is always very clear with her request. She is also very professional and friendly. I appreciate her business and business acumen.


Amwins Access Insurance Services, Inc.

Chris park

7 September, 2022

She makes me so comfortable.

RANCHO cleaner


29 August, 2022

thank you for the quick work

gabo trucking


29 August, 2022

Thank you for always kindly answering me and watching till the end, even if I ask a lot of questions due to the lack of understanding.

PTL naintenance

Matt LoForte

25 August, 2022

Very responsive! 🙂

The Connector

gabo tracking

24 August, 2022

Thank you for always taking good care of me


Shannon Strong

22 August, 2022

Su always provides great customer service. thank you

Cleaner Image Inc.


18 August, 2022

I was always impressed with the quick response and work done. thank you Please continue.



1 August, 2022

Great person, very professional!

Letsgo (Yedang restaurant)

myung newman

22 July, 2022

nicely good

ucr launderland

John kim

27 June, 2022

Great service and always dependable

Kimdustries Inc

Emily Chung

23 May, 2022

Her reply was very prompt and great services.

Joes Sushi & Shabu Shabu Inc

Jung Wu

16 April, 2022

Great, friendly service. Step by step instructions as to how to get started. Thank you!

Poway cleaners

Tony Kagoshima

11 April, 2022

She has detailed work for customers. She will finds a low price but fully satisfactory policy. Good customer care.

M & Tony's Touch, Inc.


5 April, 2022

Renewal notice in time


Shannon Strong

29 March, 2022

Very good customer service. quick and smart. Always a pleasure work with.

Cleaner Image Inc.

Briana Kang

6 March, 2022

Sun is always prompt, organized and very professional. She has makes things so easy for our business. She always contacts us to make sure our policy is up to date and answer any questions we have. Her assistance and work is timely and excellent at all times.


Cynthia McQuillin

4 March, 2022

Thank you for submitting the records requested in a timely manner.

Cal Audits

Jon A

3 March, 2022


Reliable Properties

Glenda Asuncion

28 February, 2022

Sun Choe is courteous and professional. She replies to my requests and provides follow-ups and updates in a timely manner. I enjoy working with her.


Sean Yang

17 February, 2022

Very supportive and great service with quick response. Thanks!

JS Business Management Consulting


3 February, 2022

Sun, thank you very much for helping out. I couldn’t have navigated the worker’s compensation insurance audit without you! It went from our business owing money to getting a $1,000+ reimbursement. Amazing!


Yilgul Joseph Yun

18 January, 2022

she was very helpful and knowledgeable and answered all of my questions

Yunique Inc. dba Trimana

Donny Kim

8 December, 2021

Sun has excellent customer service and follow up skills. very prompt

Haze Daze, Inc.

Daniel Kim

8 December, 2021

Sun has been working with my businesses for many years and I trust her for all my business needs. She is kind and always gets the work done quickly!

Waba Grill

Chung, Wang

3 November, 2021

Very quick and excellent service.

Southwood dry cleaners


22 October, 2021

Excellent service and follow up

Chiropractic office

Daein Song

14 October, 2021

친절하시고 좋은 보험알려주시고 일처리하시는데 작은것까지 자세히 설명하여주셔서 잘이해할수 있어서 감사했습니다

Pozeys cleaners

Kyong Jang

8 October, 2021

일처리 빠르시고,정확하고 자세한 설명, 제게 필요한게 무엇인지 잘 이해하시고,열심히 상품소개 하시면서도 마음을 편하게 해주셔서 감사합니다.

좋은 상품 찾아주셔서 감사합니다

Dowool Inc. dba MiAmor

Eddie Kelly

7 October, 2021

Help with scheduling inspections.

Risk Consultant Boiler Machinery

Yoon, Kyung

30 September, 2021

Sun gave me quick response and tried to

take care of customers.


Joonie Beauty Supply

Christine Directo

29 September, 2021

she’s great to work with and responds qickly to email

AmWINS Access Insurance Services

inchul park

21 September, 2021

보일러 문제로 클레임을 신청 하였는데

신속하고 정확하게 업무처리를 하여

주셔서 안심하고 믿음이 갑니다

central plaza cleaners

Cheryl Feijoo

20 September, 2021

Pleasure to work with

KBIC Insurance

Inchul Park

18 September, 2021

친절 하시고 업무 파악을 잘하고 계셔서

어떤일에 확실하고 빠르게 일 처리를

하여주시고 고객 입장에서 도움을

주시려고 노력하여 주셔서 감사한 마음 입니다. 일을 믿고 할 수 있어서 좋습니다

central plaza cleaners


15 September, 2021

Sun is super helpful, quick and responsive! Gives peace of mind with her work ethic. Sun makes a big difference with the top notch service and kindness she provides!


Brian Yang

10 September, 2021

Excellent service!

Silver Oaks Cleaners

Jonghun Choi

8 September, 2021

Good service

Sunrise cleaner

Sook Hee Song

7 September, 2021

정확하고 빠른 일처리에 늘 감사합니다.

California Native Landscaping Inc.

Jong Choi

3 September, 2021

Excellent service

Sunrise cleaner

Vickie Aladzhyan

1 September, 2021

It was a pleasure working with Sun Choe.

Zenith Ins.

Arnel San Diego

13 August, 2021

Sun Choe is easy to work with. Detail oriented and she knows what she needs for a quote. Her application are complete.

AmWINS Access Ins Group

Jimmy Lee

13 August, 2021

She ‘s been always punctually handles my curiosity without hesitation.

Make me very satisfy all the consultation.

Beverly Bistro INC

S. park

9 August, 2021

수고하셨습니다, 좋은 하루되세요!


Soon t kim

4 August, 2021

Very good helpful.


Charles Yi

30 July, 2021

She is always very responsive & works efficiently.



16 July, 2021

Good Services

Impresson Cleaners

Kelly Kim

15 July, 2021

Sun is always friendly and responds quickly to all questions.

New Fashion Products, Inc.

Sook Hee Song

14 July, 2021

Worker’s compensation Audit 할때 Ms. Sun Choe 님이 신속하고 친절하게 잘 알려주시고 도와 주셨습니다. 감사합니다.

Reading Town Inc

Michelle Cole

14 July, 2021

Sun has been very helpful through the whole Covid 19 and working with our company that is a catering service making sure we get changes made to our policies and saving us money when we had no income.

Paradise Bar Events

Mitch Harris

14 July, 2021

Sun has been amazing for years To us. We couldn’t be happier with how she handles our account.

Paradise Bar Events / National Bar Staffing

Luz Farias

12 July, 2021

Very pleasant, and quick replies. i appreciate the assistance.


Kwan Kim

9 July, 2021


Bloodless Medicine Consultant, Inc


8 July, 2021

Sun is quick to respond and sends over anything you need in real time.


Lee, Seong Chull

7 July, 2021

She was very nice to answer my question. And I appreciate very much her prompt attention for my request. It was preasure to talk to Sun Choe

Masters Realty

Cedric Gomez

6 July, 2021

Sun is very friendly and easy to work with.

True asset to your professional lines team!

Gorst & Compass Insurance

Phillip Kim

29 June, 2021

친절하고 신속한 전문서비스를 받을 수 있어

업무에 많은 도움이 됩니다.

Pacific TBS Inc

Hyun Kim

22 June, 2021

She is so kind and give a correct direction, and fast respond. make my work easier!

Sushi Hook

David Yun

16 June, 2021

This agent has been fabulous in her professional way of taking care of client’s need. She is not just one of many agents. She proves herself to be the agent in her career. We have been being helped in every detailed matters.

Southern California New Vis

Howard Kim

11 June, 2021

She does excellent service.

she responded quickly working.

HD Development

Chris Park

10 June, 2021

She is so kind and give a fast answer.

Excellant worker!!!

Rancho cleaners

Jason Lee

7 June, 2021

In general, she realizes very quickly what I mean, I didn’t meet her, but I think she’s a pretty smart person. And I feel better after conversation with her always.

JL Community Maintenance, Inc

Yong Lee

1 June, 2021

very helpful and so professional. I like your service.

Birkenstock Costa Mesa

Hyun Kang

29 May, 2021

Thank u

West b maintenance

Marc Ner

27 May, 2021

We have been working with Sun for 10+ years. She is definitely the best. Thank you Sun!!!!

Kima Corp.

Patrick Kim

26 May, 2021

Sun always directs me in the right direction for any insurance inquiries I may have. Great service!

Waba Grill
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