Sun Choe

Senior Commercial Lines Account Manager

Sun Choe - Inszone Insurance Senior Commercial Lines Account Manager

Sun Choe is a Senior Commercial Lines Account Manager with Inszone Insurance Services. While pursuing her bachelor’s degree at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) in 1999, Sun entered the insurance industry with a part-time career as a life insurance agent. After graduation, Sun pursued a career in the Korean film industry for several years but returned to practice insurance in 2007.

Sun began a full-time career in insurance as a Worker’s Compensation Specialist, overseeing complicated audit and resolving experience modification disputes. After joining Golden Ocean Insurance Center, Sun practiced accounting and writing commercial lines insurance. As of November 2020, Sun is WCIRB CompEssentials Certified.

Sun joined Inszone in December 2020 after the merger with her previous company, Golden Ocean Insurance Center.

In her leisure, Sun enjoys swimming, travelling, and snowboarding with her husband and daughter.


5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 144 reviews)
Very good1%

Patrick Kim

26 May, 2021

Sun always directs me in the right direction for any insurance inquiries I may have. Great service!

Waba Grill

Jae Song

19 May, 2021

As always, excellent service for more than 10years for us.

Thank you.

S & S Liquor

Jee Hwang

18 May, 2021

Sun makes the process extremely easy and is very helpful.

One53Studio Inc.

Eunice Kim

14 May, 2021

She gives us fast response, She has enough knowledge of insurance and it is helping me a lot by explaining it in detail.

Lost + Wander

Steve Yoo

12 May, 2021

She does excellent service !!



12 May, 2021

Sun has great work



7 May, 2021

Sun is very helpful and always prompt with all my needs.

On and On

Irwin Hwang

6 May, 2021

excellent service


Debbie Imura

4 May, 2021

Very responsive! 🙂

The Hartford

Carolyn De Leon

3 May, 2021

Sun Choe is very helpful, quickly response to all communication and assist their client

in all aspect. She has the knowledge of what they are offering and explain it to you in details.

The Poke Me Worldwide Inc.

Sook Hee Song

30 April, 2021

Sun Choe is detail oriented. She response quickly and her application submission is clean and complete.

Reading Town Inc.

Jay Sung

30 April, 2021

Sun has great response time.

BJ Collection

Emily Kim-Hull

29 April, 2021

Very prompt!

Emily Kim-Hull DMD APC

Bertha Gomez

28 April, 2021

Sun has great response time. I received the info back from her very quickly.


Christina Romeo

26 April, 2021

Sun goes above and beyond for partnership with Employers and for her clients. She is a huge advocate and on top of everything. She is personable and provides timely responses. It is truly a pleasure to work with her.


Shannon Strong

26 April, 2021

great customer service. I email questions and always get prompt replies. I’ve continued to use your insurance company because of her.

Cleaner Image Inc.

Minami Chun

26 April, 2021

Sun was very knowledgeable and attentive whenever I needed help.

crux enterprise inc

Sang Lee

24 April, 2021

Sun Choe does good service for our company insurance needs.

Banda Trading, Inc.

Arnel San Diego

21 April, 2021

Sun Choe is detail oriented. She response quickly and her application submission is clean and complete.

AmWINS Access Ins Group

Janet Kim

21 April, 2021


Newport Apparel Corporation

donny j kim

20 April, 2021

Sun delivers promptly and on time


Daniel Kim

19 April, 2021

Sun has been helping me with my insurance needs for many years for my business. Always friendly and gets the job done. I highly recommend her to others for their insurance needs!

WaBa grill


19 April, 2021

she does great service, I want to keep business with this insurance .

sun cho is perfect!!!!!!!


John chung

15 April, 2021

She does excellent service, I continue with this company because of sun cho

Maxwell cafe

Kadi Haworth

14 April, 2021

Speedy Service

Atlas Properties

Janet Young

13 April, 2021

Sun responded quickly and with all information I requested. She is very easy to work with!

Travelers Insurance Select Underwriter

Tsutomu tony Kagoshima

13 April, 2021

We have professional service response from her. Have easy communication with.

I can recommend her to my business friends insurance needs.

M & Tony's Touch, Inc.

Jason Lee

12 April, 2021

Sun Choe씨는 내가 나에 보험에대해 질문하는 것들에대해 100% 만족할만한 있는 설명을 예의바르게 해 주었고 일 처리에있어서도 매우 신속하게 그리고 정확하게 해주었다. 나에게 기쁜하루를 갖게해준데대하여 감사합니다

JL Community Maintenance Inc


8 April, 2021

Very helpful and responsive.


James d'Ambrosio

7 April, 2021

Sun is great to work with. She is always very friendly and responsive.

Omaha National

Ted Kang

6 April, 2021

Sun provided very kind and professional services.

TK Engineering Co.


2 April, 2021

Fast response


Justin Fuller

1 April, 2021

Sun is one of the best agents that I have ever had the pleasure of working with!

All Insurance Underwriters


30 March, 2021

Excellent and speedy service. Sun will go out of her way to give you the best deal in town.

LA Verne Towne Center cleaners

Cheryl Wang

29 March, 2021

I worked with Ms. Choe for the last few years. she was very responsive and took care the requests in a prompt manner. Great working with her.

Orange Circle Studio Corporation

Sean Yang

29 March, 2021

Thanks for your quick response and great support.

Jung Sung BMC, Inc.

Shannon Strong

26 March, 2021

Ms. Choe has provide me and my company excellent service. I always get quick response to any questions or requests for insurance certificates. A job well done. thank you

Cleaner Image Inc.

Krystyana Mennella

26 March, 2021

I have worked with Sun for many years now and she is always very helpful and swift in her responses.

RT Specialty

Howard Ji

16 March, 2021

Sun is very knowledgeable in her area. She also provides excellent customer service and answer questions very fast. Sun is also very thorough with her work and he attention to detail is unmatched.

Howard Investment Inc

David, YiShui Chen

9 March, 2021

Friendly. accuracy, response rapid and excellent

infinitas Enterprise Corp

Irwin Hwang

4 March, 2021



Patrick Kim

4 March, 2021

Sun always is on top of all deadlines and finding me the best rates. Other companies call me all the time to try and get me to work with them, but I kindly decline because I know Sun will always find me the best deals on WC insurance. Also, she is always responsive to my questions and emails, even though they may be repetitive.

ABC Waba, Inc.

Kil Kwak

1 March, 2021

Sun is fast & kind & sweet service provided for me .Thanks

Helens & New leaf cleaners


26 February, 2021

Thank you

Chris Ted Inc
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