Jainie Yoon CPCU, AU, AIS, PCIA

Senior Commercial Insurance Specialist

Jainie Yoon - Inszone Insurance Senior Commercial Lines Account Manager

Jainie Yoon is a Senior Commercial Insurance Specialist CPCU, PCIA with Inszone Insurance Services. Her expertise in Commercial Lines (Commercial PKG, WC, EPLI, PROF and others) & Employee Benefits (Group Health/Dental/Vision) makes her a one-stop service for all business owners. Her dedication & meticulous attention to details has helped her get the best out of every deal for her customers. She prides herself in her outstanding performance in customer satisfaction.

Jainie joined Inszone in December 2020 after the merger with her previous company, Golden Ocean Insurance Center.


5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 82 reviews)
Very good0%

Moses Oh

18 July, 2023

Jainie went above and beyond in meeting the needs of our business. She worked with me in creating the best policy and also went over all the different possibilities to overcome the issues and problems that were unique to my situation as a business owner. Jainie has the best attitude and her knowledge on the different issues that came up were impressive. If there were more stars, I would definitely add them to the 5 I’ve already given her.

Han-Wool Industries LLC

Taek Ahn

31 May, 2023

Even though she was not in charge, she kindly helped me.



19 May, 2023

Jainie was very helpful with finding the right plans for my business.

Almost always fast response.


Phillip Choi

6 February, 2023

Jainie responded promptly and provided excellent customer support. Very happy with the quote provided. Definitely would recommend to anyone requiring an insurance quote.

Armonia Investments LLC

albert Yu

8 December, 2022

She always comes back promptly with best solution I can get.

Nycal Inc.

Wonyoung Kim

2 December, 2022

Jainie Yoon has a very good attitude in her professional. She tries to help people and keeps working for client’s satisfaction. She responds instantly and explains well through her knowledge and experience.


Jae Hwan Kim

18 October, 2022

I like Jainie to work together. She always helps me sincerely. When I first started my business, he supported me by giving me time and care, and when I hesitate to make a decision due to lack of information and experience, he gives me good advice to help me make a decision.

Plaza Del Oro Cleaneners

Ramiro Hernandez

14 October, 2022

Jainie is always ready to help and support on every thing I need. Wonderful and sweet to help me out with my new goals. Thank you! you are the best of the best!

Hernandez Janitorial Services Solution


5 October, 2022

She’s excellent

A-Plus One

chol w kim

28 September, 2022

Janie Yun is really kind and intelligent,

When I call because I have a problem, I always give accurate and detailed information to solve it. So she always makes me feel better after she calls her and her.

sam's Sub Shop

Jakie Lim

21 September, 2022

She has a great patience,

Who has a deep and wider knowledge and experience on commercial insurance ,

I was really lucky to have she is my agent on commercials insurance,

Paris Green Cleaners

Jamie Park

21 September, 2022

Our experience with Jainie is always wonderful and we appreciate her detailed knowledge and professionalism. We would recommend our friends and partners to work with Jainie without any hesitation.

Garam Inc

Simon Lee

20 September, 2022

Jaine is always ready to help us faithfully.

I am very satisfied with her service.

I want to give her 5 stars.

Thank you

Frontier fire


20 September, 2022

I am very satisfied with Jainie’s service and help.

Frontier fire

Sug Joon Yoon

14 April, 2022

She is very accurate, responsible , kind and fast responding. Thank you very much for helping me to open my business.

Cafe O Deli

Young Park

24 February, 2022

She is so nice, excellence and perfect! Thank you so much Jainie.

H.I.M. Construction

Chan Park

15 February, 2022

고맙습니다 최고 최고

CJ construction

Chan Park

15 February, 2022

Jainie is truly the best 최고에요

CJ Construction

Jason Jun

3 February, 2022

I am very happy to be kind and to solve the problem for sure.

thank you



Jason Jun

31 January, 2022

비지니스 상해보험에서 많은금액이 나의 비지니스에 청구 되었지만

그녀는 신속하게 만족스럽게 처리 하였습니다. 감동,만족,행복합니다


Namu group construction inc

David C

8 December, 2021

fast fast Service . Good price. very kind. sharp brain. etc

Tiger Commercial, Inc

Do Yong Yi

8 November, 2021

When I have a question

She has answer

Eastern Electric


4 November, 2021

She’s always been great 👍


A-Plus One

steven B cho

28 October, 2021

When I have a question or need a help !

the answer and solution came right a way…

real pro..

Seven Stars…….

Bee Construction

Randy Park

19 October, 2021

She explained in detail what the customer wanted to know.

It’s a person that customers need by providing certain information.

It was the best agent I’ve ever experienced.

Alkapuro, Inc.


12 October, 2021

She is a great 👍

A-Plus One

Daniel Oh

17 September, 2021

Jainie always working to make Insurance exactly what we need for our business and she’s constantly striving to provide excellent service.

we appreciate it.

LA LA construction INC

David Kim

15 September, 2021


You rea aways good answering and excellent service

Thanks for heping us

H&K Painting


31 August, 2021

Jainie was great. She was very helpful and I could rely on her for quality effort and work. It was easy to get in contact with her and she answered all my questions with clarity. Thank you again!

Eagles Painting Co

Young Shin

12 August, 2021

She is very pleasant, attentive, and professional in helping my insurance need. She is the best I have ever had as my insurance agent and will keep her as my agent for as long as I am in business.

GBS Company

Chris Ahn

21 July, 2021

Great service, really easy to communicate. Fast response and service!!

Highly highly recommend!!

Ace Construction Inc.

Mike Ji

16 July, 2021

She always goes above beyond on her excellent customer service. Very knowledgeable in her field. Highly recommend.

I would give her 6 stars if there is a option.

Laura's baking company

Gun Kim

17 June, 2021

Impressed by prompt and accurate service!

Best Home Painting

Joseph Lee

10 June, 2021

she is awesome. no one complain to her.

3939 Venture LLC


29 May, 2021

Beautiful work


Pointaconstruction A Construction

Mike Baek

7 May, 2021

Thank you for your hard work and great customer service!

Foreseeson Custom Displays, Inc

Mimi An

7 May, 2021

Thank you for your wonderful customer service. Your insight and great knowledge assisted us in changing over our insurance agent. You are a great asset to your company !!!

Foreseeson Custom Displays, Inc / Wide USA Corp.

Syung Don Ryu

19 April, 2021

Very helpful and caring.

It”s good to have her on my side whom I can rely on.

Saedon Corp.

Daniel Kim

19 April, 2021

Jainie helped us through every step of purchasing insurance for my business. Made it an easy and hassle-free experience. Highly recommend!

ERF Exhibit

Tae y kim

16 April, 2021

I want to give you more than 5 stars your are best Jainie thank you

ERF Exhibit.inc


16 April, 2021

Her services and attitudes were fantastic.

There is nothing to add more comments.

CNB Corporation

Cedric Han

16 April, 2021

Ms. Yoon has quickly and effectively resolved a very situation for my company. Her professionalism and patience is what stood out immediately. During this stressful situation, I noticed myself asking the same simple question over and over again, however, Ms. Yoon has not once lost her patience nor convey any sort of frustration whatsoever towards me. Also, she has never once try to “upsell” me. I realized that she had my best interest in mind while tailoring the right insurance for my business. I can see why all her rating is 5-stars so far.

Thank you again Ms. Yoon.

CNB Corporation

Choi kisung

15 April, 2021

Very very nice work!!!

Carlsbad village cleaners

Kisung Choi

15 April, 2021

I am very happy!!

Gooooood job for me

Thank you

Plaza del oro cleaners

Bryan Lee

15 April, 2021

Jainie was very patient. She made the experience very easy and helped me save my time so I could focus on growing my business.

Oppas, Inc

Jonathan Lee

15 April, 2021

Amazing service! She responded promptly and took her time explaining each and every step.

Fame Accessories

Jeeyong Kim

15 April, 2021

Ms Yoon was very helpful in guiding me patiently thru computerized process of completing application slgning which is very confusing .That needs be simplified & make more common Sense process. Only Ms Yoon was gracious enough for me to able to complete application,,otherwise I world have given up.Ms Yoon was great,thanks!!!

Apple Construction Co

Janice Chang

27 March, 2021

Jainie is always my first contact for our insurance needs. She is easy to reach and always responds in a timely manner. Excellent service!

El Camino Pharmacy


27 March, 2021

Jainie is very responsive and knowledgeable

Sadie & Sage

Raúl Martinez

25 March, 2021

She’s being very helpful, she’s a reliable person and friendly

Red Fox Moving Service

Raúl Martinez

25 March, 2021

She’s very professional, she’s being helping us every time we need help and looking for better deals

Red Fox Moving Service

Gloria Kunimoto

24 March, 2021

I’ve been working with Jainie for more than five years, and every time I need help her service is always excellent.

She is very professional and friendly as well.

Charlie's Fixtures LLC


24 March, 2021

Jainie is fantastic! Always professional and excellent service provided!

Property Management

David jang

24 March, 2021

Thank you for always being kind

Pro painting co

Jongmoo kim

22 March, 2021

She knows what we want

And bilingual languages

She was taking care about my case immediatly

Aurora Electric & Const. Inc.

jaey kim

22 March, 2021


CPM Corporation

Jennifer Song

22 March, 2021

She is always prompt to reply to my request and pleasant to talk to.

JJM Song Inc. DBA Ginza

Kwang Il Kim

17 March, 2021

excellent service!

St. Agnes Korean Catholic Church


16 March, 2021

She is really good working person.

She help us many times.

So I recommend this Insurance lady to other people .

Celebrity Cleaners

Hae Park

16 March, 2021

Kind and excellent service.

Patrick Label

Charles Lee

16 March, 2021

MS Yoon’s Job is excellent.

Castlebay LLC

Bella Kim

16 March, 2021

Excellent work!

Nawoo corp


16 March, 2021

Jainie’s been providing professional services and always answered questions with timely manner.

7 well Inc

Diana Song

16 March, 2021

Always prompt with any questions and very helpful with any needs.

On and On Torrance, Inc

Irene yoo

16 March, 2021

She is excellent & very kindly!!!!

Jin construction system

Sophia Kim

9 March, 2021

Jainnie is excellent worker

and very friendly.

Pro beauty shop

Jay Lee

9 March, 2021

She is the best. She is very helpful and supportive, never disappointed whenever I reach out to her.

AJ's Cleaners

Doug Cheon

9 March, 2021

Jainie is great service and quite possibly one of the nicest people you will ever interact with.

Heritage Cleaners

Irwin Hwang

9 March, 2021




5 March, 2021

Kind and really excellent work.


Yuri Oh

5 March, 2021

Work is accurate, fast, and very friendly.

Nanoom Medical Group, Inc.

Sunny Yoo

5 March, 2021

Jenny gives accurate explanations and quick work.

So I am always grateful.

Jonah Medical Group, Inc.

Woo Young Sim

5 March, 2021

It’s good because work is fast and answers to questions are quick

VM Cosmetic Surgery, Inc.

Justin HiSuk Yang

5 March, 2021

Jainie’s been providing professional service and I always can expect very dependable service.

Thanks for looking out Jainie~!

PY Proconsult, Inc.

Choi, Hi Jung

4 March, 2021

Jainie is very pleased to have accurate information and to do everything quickly.

Choice Bldg. Maintenance. Inc


4 March, 2021

She excellent worker ever I had.

Salt n Pepper, inc.


3 March, 2021

Due to her professional approach to new customer, I felt comfortable to decide to change insurance service company. I was able to get all needed services with better offer in timely manner. Thank you.

Only Bridge Inc

Jamie Park

3 March, 2021

Our company has been working with Jainie for all our insurance needs and our experience has been excellent! Members of our team respects Jainie’s high standards and professionalism. Jainie is very knowledgeable and always provides credible advices. She is also responsible and put in great efforts to find the best solutions for us. We highly recommend working with Jainie!

Apple Tree Management

Mike Ji

3 March, 2021

She is very knowledgeable in this industry and always willing to help whenever I have questions about my insurance. I would give her 10 stars plus if available.

Mkh America


16 January, 2021

I’ve been consulting my insurance needs with Jainie for a few years now. She’s always there when I have questions about my business insurance, e&o policy or even health insurance. I feel like she has my back for anything related to insurance. She’s definitely my go-to person and I will keep going back to her without a doubt.

Net Properties


14 January, 2021

One of my friends referred me to her. She is very knowledgeable and she also has a great work attitude.

Northrop Grumman

Albert yu

14 January, 2021

She always takes care of us on any insurance needs with timely manner.

Nycal inc
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