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The right insurance for insurance agents

Insurance agents also need protection for their business and career. Since they are dealing with different kinds of professionals and business industries, they are exposed to risks that can affect their operations. They can be charged with malpractice or negligence of work. Their office is also exposed to different business disruptions like property damages, fire, and natural disasters.

We, at Inszone Insurance, also provide the right insurance plan for our fellow insurance agents in the industry.

Why Inszone Insurance?

Here are some of the reasons why other insurance agents and companies rely on us when it comes to their insurance plan:

  • We have been in the industry for over 15 years. As someone in the insurance industry, we know what you need and we can help you get it.
  • We have access to many insurance carriers. With this, we can help you tailor fit your insurance to complement your requirements.
  • You can also compare prices among our carriers. As insurance agents you will have an idea which is the most cost-effective that will fit your budget.
  • You can also talk to our accommodating and friendly insurance specialists for any questions about your plan.

Benefits of having the right insurance plan for insurance agents

If you are a broker or an agent, you should know some of these benefits when you get to invest in the right insurance plan:

  • Your insurance will protect you against errors or mistakes while performing professional advice or service.
  • Your insurance will protect you against costly lawsuits and legal claims like malpractice or negligence of work, among others.
  • Your office will also be protected in the event of fire and natural disasters.
  • The content of your office will also be repaired or replaced.
  • Anyone who got injured or was hurt while in your business premises will get enough compensation.

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