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Even if you’re not an IT or Software Company, your business likely relies on different electronic devices. You may be selling through the internet, or collecting personal information in your client database. Even Fortune 500 Companies are subject to data breach and hackers looking to steal your clients’ personal information. Businesses are required to protect their customers’ information and could be subject to fines, penalties and settlements if breached. Not to mention the damages to your businesses reputation if exposed. Protect your business and your reputation with Cyber Liability Insurance.

Why Inszone Insurance Services?

Here are some of the reasons why many businesses trust Inszone when it comes to cyber liability insurance:

  • We have been in the industry for over 20 years. We have the experience and the knowledge to provide you the right Cyber Insurance Policy to protect your business.
  • We have access to the best insurance carriers in the country. You can choose among our carries for the one that will best suit your needs.
  • We guarantee you’ll receive certificates of insurance within 3 hours of your request so long as all required information is provided with your request.
  • We will help you tailor fit your Cyber Insurance Policy to make sure it fits your business requirements and budget.
  • Our knowledgeable insurance experts will answer all your questions and will guide you through the whole process.

Benefits of having the right cyber liability insurance coverage

Depending on your coverage, these are some of the benefits from investing in the right cyber liability insurance plan:

  • If your business is hacked and customer information is jeopardized, your policy may help you notify customers quickly so that damages don’t continue to grow.
  • If a data breach occurs, your cyber liability insurance can help you cover fines, penalties, and loss resulting from identity theft, notification cost, and credit monitoring, among others.
  • A data breach is likely to bring your business to a halt. Cyber Liability Insurance may offer coverage for lost business income while repairing your systems.
  • Your business may also be protected against cases of cyber extortion and computer fraud, among others.
  • Cyber Liability Policies are often combined with Professional Liability and may both first and third-party damages.

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