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As an event planner, organizer, vendor, or exhibitor, you have a small window to deliver and anything can happen with the set-up, during or after breaking down your event. Whether a big event or a small party, unexpected issues can have a huge impact on your success. Even worse, accidents like injuries, theft, or damages, among others, will leave you liable for the expenses. That is why, whatever type of event your work on, Inszone Insurance can provide access to insurance coverage to help you protect you and your business.

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Whether you are a vendor, concessionaire, exhibitor, you hold a shared responsibility in the success of an event. However, there are things that you cannot control. Event cancellation, no-show performers, food spoilage and damage to exhibit items, to name a few. These issues can be very costly if you don’t have the right insurance coverage. In order to protect you from these unforeseen accidents, you need to have the right protection when the worst happens. Connect with Inszone today and learn how to obtain the right coverage at an affordable rate.

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Weddings are a special occasion that only happen once in a lifetime. As a wedding planner or coordinator, you have the responsibility of making sure that everything will be perfect for the groom and bride. They have hired you to make sure that everything will be memorable and special. It’s a tough enough job without having to worry about your insurance coverage. Unforeseen issues with the availability of the venue, no show performers, problems with the vendors, missing gifts, and other related thefts, are just some of the problems that you have to deal with. To help wedding coordinators and planners get protected, Inszone Insurance will work with you to find the right coverage to keep your business running.

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When we think of parties, we think of having a good time. As party coordinator, you have to keep up with the high expectations of your clients to ensure their celebration is a success. In any event, big or small, there are situations that we cannot control and can affect the outcome of the party. Someone might get drunk and injure another person, party props may cause a fire, party activities may cause injury or property damages, sudden event cancellation, and more. These situations are very costly and can greatly affect your operations. That is why Inszone is here to partner with you in finding the right insurance carrier to protect your business.

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Arranging a festival is no easy task. Considering the large crowd involved, the equipment that’s being used and the venue you’ve got a lot on your plate. As a festival planner, you understand that the unexpected can ruin your festival leaving you with a mountain of expenses. Things such as no-show performers, event cancellation, unavailability of the venue, damages and injuries during the festival, among some. The right event insurance can help you be protected and ensure that your business continues to succeed even when issues arise.

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Trade Shows

Trade shows take a lot of planning, detailed executions, and organization to ensure success. An unforeseen accident can turn a short window of opportunity into a missed window of opportunity. As trade shows organizers, you are responsible for the success of the show and need to ensure the safety of attendants as well as the protection of the venue you are using. Talk to one of our agents today and learn about the different types of coverages available to ensure your next trade show is a success.

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As part of organizing a concert, you deal with large crowds, with the potential to lead to accidents, damages, and injuries. Being a well-insured organizer will give you the confidence that when the unexpected happens, you will have the protection you need. Inszone partners with some of the best insurance carriers in the industry, allowing us to provide concert organizers specialized insurance coverage to suit your needs. Talk to our insurance specialist today and learn more about our concert insurance coverage.

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Fairs and Carnivals

Fairs and carnivals are a fun and exciting way for your attendees to spend their day. As a business owner, you have the responsibility to meet the expectations of the public in providing quality events. But as much as you want to give everyone a good time, there are situations that are out of your control. These situations include ride malfunction, props causing a fire, no show performers, and event cancellation, among others. These can be extremely costly your business if you don’t have the proper coverage. The right insurance coverage is critical in these situations and will ensure that your business can continue to operate. Connect with Inszone today and learn more from an expert on how to protect your event.

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