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Quality construction service needs a quality insurance plan

Construction firms face many unforeseen risks which are out of their control. An accident puts your materials, equipment as well as your employees at risk. With the right insurance coverage, you can be prepared for the worst.

We, at Inszone Insurance, provide a variety of specialized construction programs to help you mitigate the risk. Let us help you find the right solution to meet those needs.

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General Contractors

As a GC, you’ve got a lot of moving parts to monitor. Multiple phases in the development, specialized trades for each, subcontractors, employees and delivering a quality final product….you’re responsible for it all. Our specialized programs will help protect you against employee injury, accidental damages, project delays and faulty work.

Let us help ensure your project continues to operate even when an accident occurs.

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Whether you specialize in the construction of homes, framing, cabinets or finish work you face a variety of risks. Injuries, property damage or customers who are unhappy with the finished product. Protect your carpentry business with a customized policy from Inszone.

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A fall from the roof will cause serious injury to an employee, unexpected weather conditions during the job in progress can devastate the work site, the property can be severely damaged by water leaks even after completion of the job, you name it…there’s a lot of risks that keep roofers up at night. Make sure you have peace of mind knowing Inszone has a program in place to protect your business and keep your operation running if an accident occurs.

Solar Panel Installer Fixing a Panel - Lead Image for Solar Page


Solar power operations are a fast-growing industry, professionals in Solar Power are facing new and unprecedented risks. Rooftop installations, developing solar fields, service and maintenance…all present unique risks to your business. Here at Inszone, we can offer you custom solutions and access to the best programs in the business. Let us help mitigate the risk with our unique coverage offerings and keep your growing business running.

Swimming Pool Hose on Pool - Lead Image for Swimming Pool Service Page

Swimming Pool Construction

Pool construction is a specialized trade that presents a variety of unique risks. Leaks, popped pools, faulty work allegations, damaged property…and more often than not these risks come up after the job is complete! To build or remodel a swimming pool takes an expert in the trade. Insuring Pool Construction contractors takes an expert in insurance. Whether it’s building and remodel exclusively or the whole ball of wax including service and repair, Inszone is your solution. Our expert Agents understand your business.

Male Worker Using a Jack Hammer Drill - Lead Image for Street and Road Construction Page

Street and Road Construction

Construction of streets and roads come with a unique set of responsibilities and risks. Excavation, grading, paving, line striping, breaking and removal, curb and gutter work…plenty of moving parts to these jobs. Insurance can be complicated on these projects, let us help you focus more on your business and worry less about your coverage. Inszone will help you protect your company, your people, and your equipment. Stay ahead of unexpected emergencies, ensuring your business remains operational even when the worst happens.

Male Pavers - Lead Image for Asphalt Paving Page

Asphalt Paving

As an asphalt paving professional, you are exposed to multiple risks. While paving a residential road, commercial parking lot or a public road, accidents can happen. Damage to your client’s property, damage to your equipment or even worse your workers become injured…you need the right coverage in place when it does. With access to the industry’s leading Paving programs, Inszone can help you mitigate the risks and keep your business running when an accident happens.

Cement Pouring From Mixer Cement Chute - Lead Image for Concrete Pouring Page

Concrete Pouring

There are many specialty trades within concrete construction: Pouring, slabs, and foundations, sidewalks, patios, breaking and removal, cutting and sawing, curb and gutter work, retaining walls and pilings to name a few. Inszone agents know your business whether it’s tearing down, building up or a mixture of the two. A traditional policy may not cover your bases, let our experts help customize options to ensure your specific operation is covered.

Demolished Wall - Lead Image for Demolition Page


The Demo industry is by nature, high risk. Buildings, both large and small don’t come down nice and tidy. Bridges, parking lots, commercial units, homes and office buildings are all part of a normal day for a Demolition firm. Inszone can offer custom insurance programs to help protect your workers, the public, your equipment, and your operation should the worst happen.

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