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Secure your property

Insure it with the right condominium insurance plan

If you are in a condominium business, you might not think that there is a special insurance coverage that will protect your whole property. You might also consider not getting a specialized policy if you think that you can get a standard homeowners insurance.

But as a business, you need extra insurance to protect, not only your property, but also your whole business from risks, damages and even bankruptcy. Anything that is outside the walls of your condominium is your property and it needs to be protected. That is why, you need to be financially ready when your property got hit by natural disasters or destroyed by fire. You need also to protect yourself from property losses and damages.

Providing customized business insurance for many types of commercial properties, we, at Inszone Insurance, can provide you needed condominium or homeowners association insurance plan.

Why Inszone Insurance Services?

Here are the reasons why you can trust us as your condominium or homeowners association insurance provider:

  • Depending on the type of property you have, we can offer you a customized insurance policy with premiums that will fit your business needs since we have access to different insurance carriers.
  • We can work on your budget by giving you the most affordable insurance plan.
  • You can talk to our insurance experts for free consultation. They can also assist you in applying for your insurance plan.

Benefits of having condominium or homeowners insurance plan

Here are some of the benefits that you can get as a business owner if you have the right condominium or homeowners association insurance plan:

  • Your insurance will cover damages and loss of properties in specified areas like the condominium structure, lobby, elevators, and other places that is not the responsibility of your tenants.
  • It will also cover any damages or physical injuries if someone gets hurt while visiting your building or if you accidentally made a damage on someone’s unit.
  • You are protected from expensive lawsuits against your corporation or business.

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