Insurance for Artisan Contractors in 2024

1 March 2024
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For artisan contractors like plumbers, electricians, landscapers, or roofers, it’s crucial to procure the right insurance type and coverage. Various complexities involved in the duties and tasks of artisan contractors can lead to unfortunate incidents, such as injuries or property damage.

Who is considered an artisan contractor?

Artisan contractors, also known as special trade contractors, are individuals or organizations that are hired to handle specialized projects requiring a highly developed and specific skill set. Electricians, framers, roofers, masons and plumbers are some examples of artisan contractors. They are hired often as subcontractors to handle certain stages of a larger project so that general contractors can deliver a project in its entirety.

Regardless of your specialization, securing appropriate insurance policies is the optimal way to safeguard your business, yourself, and your employees.

Types of Insurance to Consider

Aside from tools of the trade, acquiring an insurance policy is one of the smartest investments for an artisan contractor to make. With all of the moving parts to a job site accident are a matter of when not if. These policies have a variety of different nuances and options to choose from. Here are some of the policies we highly recommend you purchase:

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Common General Liability Coverages can include:

  1. Property Damage – In the case that third party property is damaged by yourself or by an employee, General Liability can cover the cost of the damage and loss of use of the property.
  2. Damage to Rented or Leased Premises – Covers any damage to property an artisan contractor rents or leases.
  3. Medical Payments – this coverage pays any medical expenses regardless of who is at fault. Lawsuits can be prevented if medical payments are refunded.
  4. Bodily Injury – In the case that you or one of your employees causes injury to a third party, medical expenses, compensation loss and other costs that are related to the loss of services are covered.
  5. Personal Injury – In case there is harm to somebody’s reputation or livelihood.
  6. Legal expenses – Fees related to the aforementioned circumstances.

Business Auto Insurance

Automotive accidents happen, statistically more often than any other type of insurance claim. A study showed that when large vehicles, including trucks, are involved in accidents, the cost of the damage came to an average of approximately $60,000 and resulted in 4,102 deaths a year (2019).

Having business auto insurance, you are covered against third-party claims such as injuries, vehicle damage or loss to property. Similar with commercial general liability insurance, the legal expenses will also be covered whenever things get to court.

Take note that a personal auto policy will not provide coverage for any vehicle owned by the contracting business. These vehicles must have a business auto policy.

Inland Marine Insurance

This type of insurance covers goods that are in transit over land, certain types of moveable property and the transportation of equipment. Inland marine insurance, though known as “floater” policies, is essential especially when the materials, supplies and tools are being transported to and from the construction site. Regardless of who is driving from point A to B, inland marine coverage ensures safe arrival and will compensate for any accidents.

Workers Compensation

Artisan contractors are also responsible for the safety of their employees.

Workers compensation covers a contractor’s employee if ever they get injured, contract diseases or even lose their lives during the construction project. Coverages usually include medical treatment, rehabilitation costs, disability income and compensation for the loved ones of the workers injured on the job. This insurance policy even provides protection to employers against claims filed in court by the families of a badly injured or deceased employee.

Contractor’s Pollution Insurance

This insurance policy provides contractors coverage for bodily injury, defense, property damage and cleanup costs in the case of pollution arising from an artisan contractor’s work on a project.

This insurance policy is often unique to the specific type of contractor, mainly because of the wide variation of environmental risks and types of contractors, in addition to the various types of projects a contractor works on. Policies are offered either on the basis of occurrence or claims and can be on a blanket program or on certain projects.

Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)

If you’re looking into a more affordable and bundled insurance policy for your business, business owner’s policy (BOP) can be a good choice. This policy combines protection for all the major property and liability risks into one package. It includes the important coverages required in the business and often costs less than the total costs of the individual insurance policies.

Artisan Contractor Insurance changes for 2024

There have been some changes to artisan contractor insurance as of 2024, such as:


Risks are always present in every business, contractors are not the exception. For every potential risk, there is an insurance policy that can cover you, your employees and your property.

You can’t buy coverage after the fact, so you need to have a policy in place before these work-related risks appear. Plan and protect your contracting business for the unexpected, the earlier the better.

Call our highly qualified agents for more information on artisan contractor’s insurance!

Jared Strong, AAI

VP – Staff Development

Jared Strong is the VP Staff Development at Inszone Insurance Services. Before joining Inszone, he pursued his education and earned a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. Jared was drawn to the insurance industry because he saw an opportunity to educate business owners and guide them through the confusing aspects of insurance, with the end goal of ensuring business owners have the coverage they need. Jared understands that no two businesses are the same. He has an exceptional ability to analyze the unique and various needs of individual businesses and tailor a custom insurance solution that fits the perfect balance between budget and coverage needs. Jared takes pride in being more than just an insurance agent for his clients, he sees the relationship as a partnership, and works hard to be as valuable of an asset as possible. Jared strives to never become complacent when it comes to growing and developing his skills and knowledge. He pursued continuing-education courses and earned an official accreditation as an Accredited Advisor in Insurance (AAI).

Jared dedicated 10 years of his life to his athletic career in water polo prior to joining the workforce. He earned a spot to play at the Division-1 level in collegiate sports, giving him the opportunity to showcase his skills at the highest level. Throughout his athletic career, he developed many essential professional and life skills that he uses to this day.

On his time off, Jared enjoys surfing and playing sports.

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