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Protect your business from risks and disruptions

Insure it with the right manufacturing insurance plan

Due to the nature of their business, manufacturing companies face a lot of risks that can damage their reputation. They are always at risks of product recall, if their product failed to achieve the standard safety and health quality. They can also experience equipment or machine breakdown due to their daily operation. And there are the customer claims for possible injury or illness due to their operation. Because of this, manufacturing businesses need the right insurance plan to protect them from all these risks.

As an all-in-one insurance agency, we, at Inszone Insurance, partner with many insurance carriers to help manufacturing business find the right insurance coverage they need.

Why Inszone Insurance?

Here are some of the reasons why many manufacturing businesses invest in our insurance coverage policy:

  • Our access to different insurance carriers is a big help in customizing the kind of insurance plan that manufacturing businesses need.
  • They can also compare prices with our different insurance carriers to find out which is the most cost-effective among them.
  • They can consult our insurance experts anytime for inquiries for a no obligation consultation session.

Benefits of having a manufacturing insurance plan

Here are some of the benefits why many manufacturing businesses invest in the right insurance coverage:

  • Your manufacturing business is protected against fire, windstorm, and other natural disasters. Your insurance will cover any damages or repair from all these catastrophes.
  • Any accidents or injuries that your employees, clients or members of the public get while in your business premises, will be covered by your insurance plan.
  • Since employees are one of the key assets of a manufacturing business, your employees will get compensation for any injury or illnesses that they may get while doing their job. But this will still depend on the kind of insurance coverage you have.
  • If your machine or equipment got broken or ruined during your operation, your insurance will cover the repair or replacement expenses.
  • Your insurance plan will also protect you from expensive lawsuits and legal claims.

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