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Dry cleaning business have the responsibility of taking in clothes and garments and return them to their owners, clean and in good shape. They have different equipment and require a set up that ensures that no harm comes to the clothes and garments they clean. Like other types of businesses, dry cleaners are exposed to risks that may disrupt their business operations if any of their equipment gets damaged and in turns damages the clothes they take care of. These risks are often unforeseen and uncontrollable. That is why, dry cleaners need the right insurance plan to be protected from these risks.

As an all-in-one insurance agency, we, at Inszone Insurance, have the right insurance plan for dry cleaners out there. With our access to many insurance carriers, we can easily provide you a customized policy that will fit your need.

Why Inszone Insurance?

Here are some of the reasons why you can trust us when it comes to your insurance policy for your dry cleaning business:

  • There are advantages in having access to many insurance carriers. You get to compare and pick the best. You also get to be flexible with your insurance plan to ensure that it will fit your business needs.
  • Aside from that, you can also compare prices among our insurance carriers to see who is the most cost-effective and ideal for your budget.
  • You also get to talk to our friendly and accommodating insurance specialists who are dedicated in providing the right service for this kind of business insurance plan.

Benefits of having an insurance plan for your dry cleaning business

Here are the benefits of investing in the right insurance plan for your dry cleaning business:

  • In the event of fire or natural disasters and your store got damaged or ruined, your insurance plan will cover the repair of your dry cleaning store.
  • Your expensive equipment and machines are also covered. If they get damaged or ruined, your insurance will compensate you for the repair or replacement.
  • You also get protected from different types of lawsuits or legal claims that may affect your business.
  • If someone gets injured or hurt while doing your daily operations or while within the premises of your business, your insurance plan will cover the medical bill of the injured person.

Depending on your insurance policy, you may also get income protection, if your business fails to operate due to repair and construction.

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