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As a healthcare and social services professional, you provide quality service that ensures the well-being of your clients, helping to protect them and remove them from danger. This is why, you invest in the right facilities, tools, and equipment to give your clients the best service possible. You also choose your employees carefully, training your professional staff to deliver the highest level of care.

Unfortunately, no matter how much effort and care you put into your business, accidents will happen. The right insurance coverage is critical to help you keep your business running should the worst occur.

With access to a variety of custom insurance programs, Inszone will help you find the right policy for your unique needs. Give us a call to talk to a specialized representative about your options.

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In Home Care

As a home care business, you have a difficult task of keeping your sick, disabled or elderly clients safe and comfortable in their own home. You and your staff provide personal support and companionship for your patient as well as taking care of their medical needs. However, the chances are high for an accident to occur and the outcome to be severe when it does.

We understand the State and Federal regulations are increasingly challenging to meet and have knowledgeable teams that specialize in your field. Let Inszone help you choose from the best options to protect your business, your equipment, your patients and your employees whether on site or while driving.

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Residential Care Facilities

Your business revolves around taking care of the needs of those who can’t fully take care of themselves. Here at Inszone Insurance, we want to help you take care of your business. There are a variety of coverages you need in order to protect yourself against risks. Liability protection against malpractice or allegations from your patients is a necessity in today’s world. Additionally, you also want to protect your facility as well as the equipment you use to provide care. Furthermore, your employees also need protection in the event of any accidents during work.

Let our experts help you choose the right coverage to keep your business moving forward even when the worst occurs.

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Elderly Care Facilities

Part of owning an elderly care facility is being aware that older patients tend to be higher risk. You strive to provide the best service possible, but accidents and unexpected emergencies will undoubtedly occur. Ensure that your business is protected when one of your patients gets injured while in your care, leading to costly litigation. Additionally, the right insurance coverage can protect your property and equipment, protect from any accidents your employees or visitors have, and cover any vehicles you use to transport your patients. Let Inszone help customize the right policy and help keep you protected at an affordable rate.

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Your client’s and their families count on you during this emotional and difficult time of their lives. Because of the nature of your business, an accident or even a false allegation of malpractice can lead to lengthy legal battles…and with that come the hefty legal fees. When the emotions of a family run high your company is likely to be blamed regardless of your fault.

Protect your business, your patients, your equipment and your employees with a custom built policy from Inszone. We can help you find the best coverages options at the most affordable rates.  Connect with us today to get started.

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Daycare facilities have the difficult job of providing a safe and enjoyable environment for children. From your learning centers and materials to your enthusiastic children and staff, you need to ensure you’ve got the right coverage in place to keep them protected. Connect with our experts at Inszone today and choose from custom coverage packages to keep your business safe and secure.

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Dentist Office

Protect your practice and keep your patients smiling with our custom insurance programs for dental offices. Even the best trained dental professional can be exposed to professional liability, from infections to accidents due to anesthetics. Additionally, even a small size dental office has equipment worth thousands of dollars that need to be protected. With a wide range of coverage options to choose from, Inszone can help you find the right package to protect your office. Connect with one of our expert agents today and get started.

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Doctors Office

Running your own practice/office comes with a variety of different risks, the most common being malpractice suits. All it takes is an allegation of negligence, even if your diagnosis was correct, to drag you into lengthy and expensive litigation. These policies are different than most as you need to carry tail coverage for prior years should a past patient allege malpractice. A standard policy will also place a limit on defense costs in these cases and only cover you up to a small amount when all is said and done.

Connect with an expert at Inszone insurance and let us help you choose the right coverage options to protect your practice when an accident or an allegation happen.

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Chiropractor Office

Your chiropractic office serves a variety of customers, helping them through alternative healing methods. Since you customers come in with significant pain, you want to make sure you are protected in the event of an injury or alleged malpractice. Even false allegations can lead to time-consuming and costly legal defense. Connect with an expert at Inszone insurance to protect your office with quality coverage at an affordable price.

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