How to prevent fire hazards at home during holidays

6 December 2023

Holidays and fire related to insurance in the USA are similar to other countries, but there may be some differences in the types and costs of coverage.

Many holidays involve activities that can increase the risk of fires.

    • Christmas: Christmas trees, especially dry ones, can catch fire easily. Strings of lights, candles, and cooking activities also present heightened risks.
    • Halloween: Candles in jack-o-lanterns can ignite flammable costumes or decorations.
    • Thanksgiving: Overloaded ovens and deep-frying turkeys are common causes of house fires.
    • Fourth of July: Fireworks can cause fires if not used safely.

Insurance companies are keenly aware of these heightened risks and often run public safety campaigns advising caution during these times.

Holidays present unique fire risks, and both firehouses and insurance companies play roles in managing and mitigating these risks. Homeowners can benefit by being aware of these risks and taking preventative measures, not just to protect their homes and loved ones but also to potentially enjoy lower insurance premiums.

Leo Simental - Inszone Insurance Training Specialist

Leo Simental

Personal Sales Team Manager

Leonel Simental is a Personal Sales Team Manager at Inszone Insurance Services. As he entered the industry in 2011, Leo knew that insurance expertise was critical in delivering a high level of service to his clients. He worked diligently to master the concepts and afterwards found he was able to bring a unique value to each interaction by utilizing that knowledge to provide solutions to even the most complex scenarios. Leo quickly grew his customer base and to this day continues to impress with his knowledge, consistency and care for each and every one of his clients.

With Inszone since 2015, Leo has won multiple awards and has been integral in the growth of the Personal Lines Division. If you’re looking to improve your insurance situation for home, auto or other personal policies, Leo is the first and only call you will need to make.

Outside of the office, Leonel enjoys spending quality time with his wonderful family, hiking and staying active.

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