MGM Resorts Cyber Breach: The Imperative of Cyber Insurance for Modern Businesses

18 September 2023


In an increasingly digital world, the threat of cyberattacks loom large over businesses of all sizes. Years of headlines have shown us the devastating consequences of these attacks, most recently involving MGM Resorts International. In this blog , we will explore the dangers of cyberattacks, why cyber insurance is essential for businesses, regardless of their size, and how it can play a crucial role in situations like the one MGM Resorts faces.

The MGM Resort Cyber Attack

MGM Resorts International, a renowned name in the hospitality and entertainment industry, recently became the target of a cyberattack. This attack resulted in the sudden shutdown of computer systems across all MGM properties, leaving the resort chain exposed and causing significant disruptions for its guests. Investigation has shown that the company valued at nearly $34 billion was forced to halt all of their digital operations after hackers got into their system through a simple 10 minute phone conversation.

Understanding the Dangers of Cyber Attacks

Before delving into the importance of cyber insurance, let’s first understand the dangers of cyberattacks. Cyberattacks can take many forms, from ransomware to data breaches, and their consequences can be severe. In MGM Resorts’ case, the attack disrupted critical services, including ATMs, slot machines, and guest room access, causing massive shutdowns affecting both guests and the business itself.

Cyberattacks can lead to financial losses, damage to a company’s reputation, legal liabilities, and potential data theft. In a similar cyberattack on MGM back in 2019, hackers stole the personal information of 142 million guests, highlighting the gravity of such incidents. This stolen data included names, email addresses, and postal addresses, putting the affected individuals at risk of identity theft and other malicious activities.

The Role of Cyber Insurance

Let’s explore why cyber insurance is a vital product for businesses, regardless of their size. Cyber insurance provides financial protection and support when a company faces a cyberattack or data breach. Here’s how it can help:

  1. Financial Coverage: Cyber insurance is intended to help cover the financial losses incurred due to a cyberattack. This can include costs related to restoring systems, legal fees, notifying affected parties, and any ransom payments demanded by cybercriminals.
  2. Reputation Management: The damage to a company’s reputation following a cyberattack can be significant. Cyber insurance often includes coverage for public relations efforts to mitigate reputational harm and rebuild trust with customers and partners.
  3. Legal Support: Data breaches can lead to legal actions and regulatory fines. Cyber insurance typically includes legal assistance and coverage for fines and penalties, helping businesses navigate the complex legal landscape.
  4. Data Recovery and Restoration: Cyber insurance can help cover the associated costs of data recovery and system restoration, ensuring that a business can get back on its feet quickly.
  5. Notification and Monitoring Services: Many cyber insurance policies include services to notify affected individuals and provide identity theft monitoring, offering peace of mind to customers whose data may have been compromised.

Cyber Insurance for Business of Any Size

Cyber insurance is absolutely essential for small businesses in today’s digital landscape. Contrary to the misconception that only multimillion-dollar corporations are targets, small and medium size businesses are increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks. These attacks can wreak havoc on finances, customer trust, and overall business continuity. Cyber insurance provides a crucial safety net, helping small businesses recover from data breaches, ransomware attacks, or other cyber incidents. It can offer financial protection for legal fees, data recovery costs, and even customer notification expenses. Moreover, it can be the difference between bouncing back quickly or facing bankruptcy in the aftermath of a cyberattack. Small and medium size businesses, just like larger enterprises, need to prioritize cyber insurance to safeguard their digital assets and maintain the trust of their customers in an era where cyber threats know no boundaries.

The recent cyberattack on MGM Resorts serves as a stark reminder of the constant and looming threat of cyberattacks in today’s digital world. Regardless of their size or industry, businesses must proactively protect themselves from these potential threats. Cyber insurance isn’t just an optional addition anymore; it’s an essential product that can be the difference between a successful recovery and utter devastation in the event of a cyberattack.

The recent incident involving MGM Resorts serves as a stark reminder of the critical role that cyber insurance plays in today’s digital landscape. Cyber insurance provides a vital layer of protection, offering financial security, reputation management, legal support, and invaluable peace of mind when faced with unforeseen cyber crises. In an environment where cyber threats constantly evolve, businesses must be proactive in safeguarding their operations and preserving the trust of their clientele. At Inszone Insurance Services, we understand the importance of comprehensive cyber insurance coverage. We are here to provide businesses with the protection they need. Reach out to our experienced insurance specialists today or click for an instant quote to ensure your business stays resilient in the face of cyber risks.

Kendall King - Inszone Insurance Marketing Coordinator

Kendall King

Senior Marketing Coordinator

Kendall King is a Senior Marketing Coordinator at Inszone Insurance Services. Kendall received her degree in Human Communication with a concentration in writing and rhetoric from the beautiful CSU Monterey Bay. After spending some time as a Field Office Coordinator for the American Red Cross on an Army post in Germany, she discovered her love for the chaos of marketing, where no day is like another. She started her career in the insurance industry in 2020 and loves working in a field that exists to help others in their time of need.

Kendall joined Inszone in November 2021 after the merger with her previous company, Stromsoe Insurance Agency.

On her time off, Kendall enjoys cuddling up with her son for a Disney movie or finding something new and creative to try. If it weren’t so darn expensive, she’d spend all her time crafting and DIYing.

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