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Patty Cicogni

Admin Services Manager

Patty Cicogni is an Admin Service Manager at Inszone Insurance. Patty joined the Inszone team in 2012 with no previous insurance experience. She started as an account manager assistant and quickly started working her way up the company, got her insurance license and moved to the cert department, then QC department and today she oversees both departments. Patty is a perfect example of the rewards of hard work, rising through the company and earning an employee of the year award in 2016. Patty holds an AA in Fire Technology from America River College.

On her time off, Patty is a volunteer with the American Red Cross, Sierra – Delta Chapter. She has been with the Red Cross since 2011, deploying to local disasters and home fires. She finds helping clients in their time of need, humbling and rewarding. Her other hobby is binge watching TV whenever time allows.