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Wholesale and distribution businesses 

Get the right insurance coverage to keep your business safe

Wholesalers and distributors face many challenges in their business and also plenty of risks. Damage to your products can come from fires, theft or from the transportation process. The type of insurance coverage varies significantly depending on who owns the property in your possession and whether it’s being transported via land, air or sea. Delivery accidents, employee injuries, missing or damaged shipments or costly delays can easily disrupt your operation. You need an expert to ensure you have the right protection in place when something goes wrong. Inszone can help you find a custom policy that protects your business throughout the entire process, from procurement to delivery.


If you’ve been in the manufacturing business you know, inevitably something will go wrong. Equipment breakdown, product recalls, employee injuries, power failure, consumer lawsuits, and various forms of business interruption to name a few…any of these accidents can be detrimental to your operations and profit. There are custom insurance programs to help protect against the perils of your trade, contact the experts at Inszone to help customize your policy today.


As a distributor, your livelihood depends on getting different products delivered to the right people and on time. Having the correct coverage for your autos, third party liability, injured workers, and products both on site and in transit are critical to your operation.  Accidents, theft and equipment breakdown will happen eventually, connect with Inszone today and let us help get the coverage you need to keep your business moving forward.

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