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Protect your business and biggest investment

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With a majority of Americans owning a vehicle, having a Gas Station business is a good investment. The high demand for gas means a stable income and profit. That is why, many gas station owners put a lot of effort in keeping their business running smoothly.

However, there are unforeseen things that can happen that may disrupt your business. Some of these include fire, disaster mishap, burglary, among others. Once these damages hit you, it will also hit your assets and properties. The least that you can do to be ready for these circumstances is to get the right insurance plan to protect you.

We, at Inszone Insurance, have access to multiple insurance carriers that provide the best business insurance for gas station owners. Our insurance offerings are very flexible and can be customized within the parameters of your business needs.

Why Inszone Insurance Services?

Here are some of the reasons why many business owners trust Inszone Insurance for their business insurance needs:

  • We have access to multiple insurance carriers, this allows us to offer flexible insurance plans. You can customize it according to your business requirements and needs.
  • You don’t need to shop and compare prices. We do the shopping for you, compare among different companies and find you the best deal.
  • You will also be assisted by our dedicated and very accommodating insurance specialists for a free insurance consultation.

Benefits of having a gas station insurance plan

Depending on your chosen coverage, here are some of the general benefits that you will get if you have the right insurance plan:

  • If your customer injures themselves while they are at your gas station, the medical expense will be covered by your insurance plan.
  • If your customer decides to file a case against you for damages and injuries, your insurance will cover the expensive lawsuits and legal claims.
  • From pumping machines to office refrigerators – if you get your business equipment and tools damaged or broken, the repairs and replacements of parts will be covered by your insurance plan.
  • If there is business disruption due to fire and environmental disasters, your insurance will cover all the damages and injuries.

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