Medical Professional Liability Conference Insights for 2024

6 February 2024

Healthcare and Medical Professional Liability (MPL) face unique challenges and emerging trends that impact the industry’s landscape. The recent MPL Association Conference in New Orleans brought together industry experts to discuss pressing issues, innovative strategies, and future directions in healthcare. Below are some key takeaways from the conference:

Understanding Industry Challenges

Verdict Trends: Large jury verdicts are rising, impacting the industry. Strategies to improve judicial outcomes were discussed, emphasizing collaboration in claims and legal defense.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): The growing use of AI in healthcare and Insurance requires a deeper understanding of its implications and technologies.

Educational Highlights

Mitigating Runaway Verdicts: Discussions focused on factors contributing to high-value jury verdicts and strategies to defend such cases, emphasizing defusing jury anger, and offering alternative verdicts.

Data Privacy: Addressing the complexities of data privacy requirements, panelists discussed strategies to comply with current mandates and prepare for future changes.

Impact of A.I. in Insurance

AI in Insurance: Panelists shed light on AI’s influence on Insurance, predicting that by 2025, AI could revolutionize claims by enabling prediction and prevention, potentially reshaping underwriting practices.

Gray Areas in Healthcare Errors

Criminalization of Errors: The case of RaDonda Vaught, a nurse criminally charged for a medical error, raised questions about the balance between civil and criminal negligence, prompting discussions on reducing the risk of criminal prosecution for healthcare professionals.

Prioritizing Caregiver Wellness

Supporting Healthcare Staff: Addressing caregiver burnout and retention, sessions highlighted the importance of creating supportive work environments to enhance patient care quality.

Insights into Industry Outlook

Future of Healthcare Claims: Industry leaders shared perspectives on healthcare and MPL claims, covering topics from social inflation to the role of AI in shaping the landscape.

The MPLA Conference in New Orleans was a crucial platform for healthcare professionals and Insurers to delve into the complex challenges and innovative solutions shaping the medical professional liability landscape. As the industry navigates evolving trends, collaboration, adaptation, and a deeper understanding of emerging technologies remain pivotal in ensuring quality healthcare and robust Insurance practices.

Source: https://www.mplassociation.org/Web/Resources/News/2023_MPL_Association_Conference_Convenes_in_New_Orleans.aspx

Amy Hieatt

Executive VP – North American Health Care Practice Leader

Amy Hieatt is an Executive VP – North American Health Care Practice Leader at Inszone Insurance Services, joining Inszone in September 2023. In her role, Amy is responsible for overseeing the strategic direction and day-to-day operations of Inszone’s national healthcare liability vertical, with a strong emphasis on maintaining a customer-centric approach.

Over the past 20+ years, Amy has dedicated her career to the property and casualty insurance sector, focusing extensively on the Medical Professional Liability and Professional Liability sectors. Prior to her role at Inszone, she served as the Managing Director at Connected Risk Solutions (formerly ABRisk Solutions), a national wholesale brokerage. Before that, Amy led Business Development efforts for NORCAL Group’s Admitted and E&S business lines, managing teams across four regional offices nationwide. She initially entered the insurance field on the retail side, holding the position of Executive Vice President at a regional retail agency that specialized in healthcare liability insurance.


Amy’s remarkable journey in insurance, spanning over two decades, is marked by her commitment to servant leadership, her impressive track record of achieving growth and retention, and her dedication to mentoring high-performing collaborative teams. Her expertise in the medical professional liability sector has earned her the admiration of her peers, recognizing her as a visionary leader and expert in the field.


In her time off, Amy is passionate about outdoor activities, advocating for animal rights, and finds joy in traveling and reading.

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