Employee Spotlight: Tanner Riggs

28 January 2022
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Here at Inszone, one of our missions is to make sure that every employee is appreciated, acknowledged, and recognized for their achievements. This Employee Spotlight series aims to celebrate success and highlight the talented individuals we have at Inszone. This month, please join us in congratulating Tanner Riggs, our Employee Spotlight for the month of January!

Tanner Riggs is an Accounting Clerk at Inszone Insurance Services. Tanner joined the Inszone team in April 2021 after Inszone’s merger with his previous company, Valley Regional Insurance Services. He served as their Bookkeeper and Accounting Department Team Lead. Since joining Inszone, Tanner has consistently demonstrated his ability in all things accounting, and works diligently in order to submit all his deliverables in a timely manner. He came to Inszone with an exceptional knowledge in Accounting within the insurance industry which has been a huge asset to the Inszone team.

In his current role as Inszone’s Accounting Clerk, Tanner is responsible for working on the company’s clerical work with emphasis on accurate accounting practices. He also performs multiple general office tasks such as organizing, auditing, issuing checks, and preparing financial reports to ensure that the office operation is running smoothly.

We consider Tanner to be the backbone of many projects, and he is an invaluable member of our team. We couldn’t be prouder to have him here with Inszone! When you see Tanner, be sure to say hi and thank him for his great work!

When asked to share some words about Tanner, Aurelio Olguin, who is Inszone’s Controller and Tanner’s direct supervisor, said, “Tanner has proven to be someone that I can go to and count on. It’s great knowing that I can assign him any task and he will find a way to get it done. I’m consistently amazed by his attitude, dedication and work ethic as well as being a great co-worker. Thank you for taking on all the challenges that have been thrown at you since joining the team and I’m looking forward to seeing your growth at Inszone.”

To get to know Tanner a little bit better, we asked him a couple of question about him and his time in the insurance world. Here’s what he had to say:

Q: Tell us about your start in the insurance industry?

A: I started my career in the insurance industry at Valley Regional Insurance Services at the age of 21. I started part time mainly just entering commission statements. At that point, my last job was as a line cook and I knew absolutely nothing about insurance or Accounting. I took in as much information as I could about that side of the industry. I persevered to expand my knowledge and about a year later I ended up becoming Valley Regional Insurance’s full charge Bookkeeper. The rest is history!

Q: What has been one of your proudest moments in the insurance world?

A: I’m very proud of landing that Bookkeeper role so early into my career with little prior knowledge of the industry. It was all about determination and perseverance that made me where I am today. That is one of my proudest moments in the insurance world.

Q: If you were not in accounting/insurance, what would you like to be doing?

A: If I were not in accounting/insurance, I would probably have a ton of free time! I’d go all in on my hobbies of cycling, video games and lifting weights.

Q: What is your career goal?

A: I don’t have a specific destination in mind for now, but my philosophy in life is just to do my best in whatever situation I am presented with, so far this has been working well for me and in the long run I believe this will lead to success. I am incredibly excited to see what the future has in store for me!

Q: If you could sit down with your younger self, what is one piece of advice you would share?

A: I would tell younger me to put myself out there more and seek social connections. Making friends is a useful skill you have to practice, especially if you are to work in the insurance industry. Positive, long-term connections are essential.

Q: What’s something you do outside of work that would surprise your co-workers?

A: I think people would be surprised to know that sometimes I like to go out on a Karaoke Night with my friends. And no, I am not a good singer.

Q: What quote keeps you inspired in your day-to-day life?

A: “Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today” – Jordan Peterson

Juan Cruz

VP – Marketing & Development

Juan Cruz is the VP – Marketing & Development at Inszone Insurance Services. He joined the company in 2016, bringing with him over 7 years of experience in direct response Marketing. Juan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Global Studies as well as a minor in Anthropology from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). In his current role at Inszone he oversees all aspects of marketing, entrusted with the task of building a consistent brand as well as successful direct response campaigns. During his career, Juan has helped multiple companies improve and expand their digital presence, grow their lead generation, and improve their brand.

Juan is a travel enthusiast with 25 countries visited so far, Scuba diver and Bike rider, believes in working hard to enjoy life to the fullest.

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