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Inszone Insurance Reviews & Testimonials

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  • Natalie is The Best, we are very happy with her insurance services and recommending her to anyone.

    Dmitriy Trepachko

    Belru Construction

  • Laurie is very professional and knowledgeable in her field. I would Highly Recommend her.

    Bob Alvarez

    Summit Tree Care 

  • Natalie is great! She is always so prompt in answering any questions I have and in processing what needs to be done on our account. We know we are in good hands and are blessed to have Natalie as our point of contact with our insurance needs.

    Rachel Goletto

    Pristine Pools, Inc. 

  • Jose Vidrios has been an amazing agent to work with. There has never been a time that I have asked for a quote, requested an update, or needed an invoice for one of our mutual clients that he has not jumped right in and handled everything as seamlessly as expected. He comes highly recommended by our office to our clients, and everyone of our home buyers is happy when they are done doing business with Jose. Thank you for being great!!

    Maegen Sanders

  • Natalie, is the best agent. She’s easy to work with, resourceful and quick to respond. Its a pleasure to do business with your company because of her great service!

    Melissa Hernandez

    R&V Painting, Inc.

  • Natalie is great! She is efficient, and dependable! She is also really nice, which makes it easy to talk to her if I have any questions about anything. Natalie always keeps us updated with any new information about our policy and does her best to ensure that our company needs are met! Natalie is simply the best!

    Maria Mendoza

    J Palace Construction, Inc. 

  • Laurie from Inszone is by far the best insurance agent I have ever worked with for my business and personal needs.

    Gary Neubauer

    Benson Screen & Glass

  • Natalie has been helping me/my company with our insurance needs for many years now and I’d be lost without her! She is absolutely the BEST in the business. I couldn’t imagine anyone being as helpful or available as she has proven to be for us. From the most mundane to the most random of questions, Natalie has always been willing to help and support us!


    Ella Von Tempsky

    Powers & Lobl Construction, Inc. 

  • She’s simply the best!! being working with Laurie for so many years and she’s the reason I don’t go shop anywhere else for insurance.

    Hector Vega

    Three Star Demolition & Janitorial, Inc. 

  • It was a pleasure to work with Natalie! She is very professional and knowledgeable person. Thanks again Natalie!

    Oleg Myshko

    City Construction

  • I’m very happy with the customer service that I received from Natalie for all my insurance needs she is great I’ve been working with her for almost 3 years always has the answers that I’m looking for and always has time to return my calls and help me with all my insurance. Thank you Natalie for being a great customer service agent.

    Jose Roque

    NorCal Masonry 

  • Leo is the best producer ever ! Every time I contact him, he gets me the answers I need right away. He gets back to me within the same day and less than an hour ! He gives the best business and he will continue to be my insurance guy forever!!!!

    Michele Salazar

  • I have been with your company for 10 years. I think that says a lot! I really enjoy your team.

    Johanna Longmore

    Accurate Corporate Images, Inc.  

  • Patty is always the prompt and very courteous. Her professionalism and knowledge is outstanding. I would recommend her highly

    David Salonen

    Technical Electric

  • I am a busy flooring contractor, and due to my licensing and growth needs I require various different insurances such as Bonding, General Liability, Workers Comp, and Commercial Auto. I have been with Inszone since the very beginning of my business. I have always been satisfied with the value and the services provided by your company, and found your rates to be very competitive. More than that, my Account Manager Laurie Graves, has earned my steadfast loyalty. Laurie has always handled my business requests professionally and efficiently, and is able to explain and clarify any questions I have along the way. She is friendly and courteous at all times, and I feel like I know her, even though we have never met. I admire her commitment to providing me the best service possible and hope to continue doing business with Laurie for many years to come. I have recommended Laurie to my friends and colleagues throughout the years, and they always speak very highly of her, and their satisfaction with Inszone. Thank you Inszone and Laurie!

    John Ryan Whitechurch

    Finish Line Floor Covering, Inc. 

  • I was in need of an insurance policy for my swimming pool company. I had a full schedule and was needing to look through all of the handouts I received from the SWPS that I had attended. I was dreading making the call about insurance because honestly I was lost as to what all I needed. I ended up not having to make the call, Norma called me. I had plenty of questions that she was able to answer without hesitation. She even informed me of all types of things that I did not even think about. The best thing was these were included in my policy. The process was painless and simple. I was on the job, driving, cleaning pools, etc etc. Norma came thru and got me all the coverage I needed and then some for under the price I was paying for a policy that didn’t even come close! This company has their stuff together and hopefully one day mine will be as seamless as theirs! Thanks Norma!

    Zachary Deal

    Dealing With Pools, LLC

  • Inszone is always very good about meeting all our insurance needs. Been working with Laurie for many years and am very pleased with everything her and her team has done for my business.

    April Smith

    All Haul

  • I have worked with Laurie for about 5 years. She is very knowledgeable and prompt in her service. She has helped me learn the ins and out of insurance along the way. Laurie is kind, courteous, patient, and always professional.

    I enjoy working with Laurie.

    Deanne Mckee

    USA Fence Company

  • I’d like to thank you for your continued assistance with my insurance needs. I’ve been with your company quite a while and have had different agents throughout that time. Leo Simental has by far been the most helpful and professional agent yet. I hope you know what an asset he is. Thank you and have a blessed day.

    Randy L Rodriguez


  • I really enjoy working with Norma, she is very knowledgeable and very respectful. She is always very prompt, ready to help at any time and she always returns our phone calls in a timely manner. I think Norma is the type of employee any company would be proud to have.

    Excellent customer care, thank you Norma!

    Cornel Parter

    Signature Flooring 

  • I appreciate the follow up and assisting in soliciting provider for our General Liablity and Workmens Comp.

    Thomas L Wallis

    Dura T Gate

  • Norma, you are an awesome agent and great help. THANK YOU

    Shahwali Hotaki

  • Excellent! Very helpful! Much appreciated!

    Chanh Nguyen

    Baroque Flooring 

  • I’ve been with Inszone Insurance since they took over Utopia and Joe became my account rep. He is the most responsive business partner I have yet to work with. Trust is such an important part of the business climate, especially with services like insurance, it’s a real pleasure to have an agent that I really feel is on my team

    Rick Shaw

    Campbell-Shaw, Inc

  • I am really pleased with the amount of commitment and patience Zack has exhausted on my behalf. I started a plumbing company from the ground and Zack has been on top of my insurance/bonding/business auto since we first talked. He actually was the first person to contact me when I got my license, and after our phone call, I promised him that I would sign with him once I was ready. And finally I have and I am very stoked to say the least. I genuinely feel great about the decision I made. Thanks to Zack.

    Andrew Bunce

    Protocol Plumbing 

  • I totally value the professional attitude and knowledge that Patty has of this business. I have worked with her over the years and she has always come through for me in whatever the need for insurance for any project that I may be working on. Her tenacity and sense of priority has never changed and is the reason that I have referred her and your company to other companies to use for insurance.
    I will always use Patty and Inzone until I retire…….



  • Norma is knowledgeable and very efficient. We are very pleased with her service.

    Linli Lee

    Sustainable Buildings System Inc. 

  • Tatiana, you are a real asset to our team and I am grateful for your spunk and determination! You have taught me so much about insurance and helped save us a lot of money. Please know that I am sincere in my appreciation, grateful for your tenacity and respectful of your integrity and professionalism

    Victoria Roman

    Specs Pool Services

  • Ms. Norma Villafranca performed her Job exceptionally well. She was responsive, articulate, patient, and available throughout the underwriting process.

    William Claus

    Round Valley Farming Partners, LLC

  • Excellent and efficient service.

    Frankie Santamaria

    Superior Window Tinting

  • I’ve been with your company for almost a year now. (Renewal coming up in March) Norma goes above and beyond for her clients. She has been there for me, and assisted me whenever I need her. Her willingness to assist me through the bad weather; and staying up to help when needed, is something that this world needs more of! She is always providing education to me and has rescued me from being scammed by others that do not hold the same moral and professional standards as she does.Words cannot express the comfort and the sense of security that having someone like her in my corner means to me. Her daily devotion to providing excellent customer service shows in her eagerness to assist anyone at any time. She is an asset to any employer. More companies should target employees like her!

    Vlasis Andrianopolous

    Steve’s 2 Enterprise Inc

  • Norma Villafranca provides “Excellent service and also follow up, always available and prompt in response whether via phone or email. Excellent research on polices to determine best solutions for our business needs.”

    John Moore

    The Trinity Group/Trinity Productions

  • “I am glad we are working together another year. It has been a nice change and you make things so easy. Glad to have you as our insurance broker” says Kimberly Munger referring to her agent Tatiana Ramos.

    Kimberly Munger

    Island Condo Maintenance

  • “Please accept this small token of appreciation for all the years you have assisted me in my business request and going above and beyond to make sure I received the documents in a timely manner. The service you provide is personal, professional and you make me feel like nothing else is going to get done until my needs are satisfied. Thank you again for your years of support.”

    Don Crossley

    Croz Custom Metal Fabrication Inc.

  • “I wanted to take time out and personally thank you for keeping up with my company and making sure we are on time with the workers comp payments… I’m in the city buying permits, and everything I fill out the expiration date, I realize that I didn’t have to stress to think about being renewed on time.  I just want to say a BIG Thank You!!!”

    Nick C.

    White River Roofing, Inc.